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Baby loves dad's singing but isn't too happy when he stops: 'If we stop singing Amelie gets mad'

One dad and his baby girl are winning hearts online after a video of him singing to her showed just how much the little one appreciates his music.

Baby loves dad's singing but isn't too happy when he stops: 'If we stop singing Amelie gets mad'
Cover Image Source: TikTok / @cueva_santana

While it is okay to leave your baby on a blanket and shake a few toys as entertainment, they love nothing more than their parents giving them their undivided attention 24/7. Babies require a lot of care and attention, and what better way to bond with one another than a singing session? On TikTok, one dad and his baby girl have gone viral after a video of him singing to her racked up over 2.6 million views on the video-sharing platform. Posted on February 2022, the video post caption reads, "If we stop, singing Amelie gets mad."

Image Source: TikTok /
Image Source: TikTok / @cueva_santana

In the now-viral video, the dad is seen holding his daughter in one of his arms while playing the keyboard with the other hand. As he sings to her, she sweetly gazes at her dad but starts wailing as soon as he stops singing. The two-minute video truly exemplifies how much babies love hearing their parents sing and also how easily the little ones can get their parents to do their bidding. The dad sings "Broche de Oro" to his daughter in the video, and the parents could not resist sharing their special moment online, ultimately capturing the attention of so many across TikTok. Cueva Santana appears to be a talented singer, as his TikTok account is filled with videos of him singing while playing the piano with friends and family.

Image Source: TikTok / @cueva_santana
Image Source: TikTok / @cueva_santana

In the comments section, many shared their delight over the adorable father-daughter duo, with some chuckling at the mischief of the baby for nearly shedding tears upon the song's ending. "Your baby definitely relaxes with the combination of the piano and the love with which you sing to her," said @luciaquiroga07. "When your wife was pregnant she relaxed when you sang to her and the girl felt that," added @ruthdeobispo1. "She feels your love and the tenderness with which you sing to her, never stop doing it. You have a beautiful voice," wrote @_mariaaa_87. "Already as a baby, she orders her daddy to do what she says," joked @mariaelisa240.


The relationship between a father and a daughter is precious and a Twitter video explains this bond well where a baby wails while the father tries to comfort him. The video was posted on Twitter by Good News Correspondent with the caption, "Newborn baby stops crying hearing dad’s voice." The video shows a newborn baby crying uncontrollably as he is welcomed into the world. As soon as his father starts saying, "Daddy is here, love. Look... daddy is here," he stops crying and listens. The father says, "Do you remember Daddy? Daddy talking to you every day after coming home from work? Remember? Don’t cry with Daddy, OK? Daddy is here with you, by your side, OK?"


This video touched many people with @BigLoveRocks1 commenting, "Jeez dude, what are ya trying to kill me or something!!" Twitter user @LisaLeBlanc joked, "Dad? Is that you? Man, it's good to hear you! You would NOT believe the day I'm having!!" 

"This is exactly what happened to me when our 2nd was born - I'll never forget it," said @MicrocapTrading. "The very meaning of life in this tweet. God Bless all of our precious little ones," shared @GenTsos_Chicken

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