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Baby hilariously tricking parents into believing her arm is stuck in a bottle is cuteness overload

After watching the baby's clip, the viewers are of the same opinion - she is an 'actress in the making.'

Baby hilariously tricking parents into believing her arm is stuck in a bottle is cuteness overload
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Tatiana Syrikova

Some people spend their entire lives searching for their calling, while some land on it right from their childhood. This toddler featured in the video uploaded by u/RN290 seems to be one of those lucky few. She is meant to be an actor with serious skills that can fool even the biggest critics in the world. The baby is enjoying taking her parents on a rollercoaster with her changing expressions by the second. She seem to be a born entertainer, as it is impossible for anyone not to crack a smile after watching the video. The video has been doing the rounds on the internet for quite some time and has also been uploaded on platforms like YouTube, where it gained 117k views.

Representative Image Source:
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tatiana Syrikova


The video begins with the baby looking very stressed, having her hand stuck at the neck of a water container. After that, her father comes to relieve the hand from the container, at which the baby quickly gives a beaming smile. Though many might think it is because they have been saved, in reality, it is because she is elated for being able to fool their parents. The baby has understood that the antics bring delight to her parents, so at every turn, she becomes more convincing with her expressions. The father also humors her by saying, "Oh! I love you." The mother, on the other hand, could not believe the brain of the little one to formulate such a scheme. She sighs, "Oh my God," as the baby begins round 2.

The baby again put her hand in the container and convincingly changed her expression within seconds. The father bent to her demand and became the knight in shining armor, removing her hands from the container. The mother could not believe how convincing the baby was in their actions. This time though, the father took the container with him to stop the prank. If there was one thing evidently clear from the whole performance, it was that the family had a prospective Oscar winner among them. In a single day, the video has been upvoted 5 thousand times on Reddit.

Image Source: Reddit/u/FrindiKay
Image Source: Reddit/u/FrindiKay

The comment section was in awe of the kid, similar to the parents. u/LittleLostGirls put forward an adorable scenario and commented, "Everyone thinks this is cute, but she's just bamboozling everyone in the room so the dog can steal the jar of cookies." u/Joelogna believes that the baby has a great scope in a particular career and wrote, "Awwwh. I foresee a career in politics for this one." u/Richo_93 shared, "This just reminded me of the episode in the Simpson where homer gears his hand stuck in the vending machine. No point intended or needed?"

Image Source: Reddit/u/beautifullflower
Image Source: Reddit/u/beautifullflower

u/Arjun_Alpha_Wolf shares a way the parents can make the baby stop their shenanigans and wrote, "Someone should tell her the story about the boy who cried wolf." u/SunShineLife217 gave a round of applause to the performance put up by the baby and commented, "That is absolutely clever! That baby has exceptional comprehension!" u/Inside_Piccolo_285 shared the thoughts going on in the baby's mind, "Fool ya once, I can do it again."


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