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'Low-functioning' autistic kid makes creative toy car for his sibling in a heartwarming gesture

'I love him so freakin much man, he's so smart and talented,' wrote the sibling of the kid, who has echolalia and hyperlexia.

'Low-functioning' autistic kid makes creative toy car for his sibling in a heartwarming gesture
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/That-One-Courier

We all have creativity within us if we are willing to explore it. Something similar can be seen in a picture uploaded on Reddit by u/That-One-Courier. We see a beautiful toy car created by a kid who is autistic. Their sibling posted it on Reddit and captioned it: "It's not much, but my low-functioning autistic little brother made this awesome car! I love him so freakin much man, he's so da*n smart and talented, even with his limitations (he has echolalia and hyperlexia)." The car has pink, grey, and yellow legos and has been made by merging them. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/That-One-Courier
Image Source: Reddit | u/That-One-Courier


A man can also be seen on the steering wheel of the car, which has two seats on it. It also has headlights on it. The car has been intricately designed by OP's brother. It is truly worthy of all the praise as the person who made the car has echolalia, which is defined as the meaninglessly repeating the words by another person, and hyperlexia, where a child can speak complex words but not understand them. Surpassing these learning disabilities, this person has been able to make a beautiful car.

Image Source: Reddit | u/bawkbawkbeck
Image Source: Reddit | u/bawkbawkbeck


People appreciated the post and it garnered over 6.6 upvotes. Reddit users shared their thoughts in the comment section. u/ryr883828 shared, "And it appears to comfortably seat two minifigs, something Lego themselves have not been able to achieve." u/JanieF shared, "Not much!? That is amazing! I never could manage more than a literal square with no details as a car. And as a building. And as a person. He did a brilliant job, honestly!" u/AlternativeSand9287 wrote, "The symmetry and detail of each piece including headlights and windshield really make this car impressive… You have a brilliant brother."

u/TwincessAshokaAramau shared, "Honestly, Your brother is pretty smart, Building a Lego car takes great patience, resilience, and creativity." u/droppedelbow commented, "THIS makes me smile. Your brother is obviously pretty amazing and so are you for telling us about him. The small moments can provide the most happiness. Thank you both."

Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/turbochargedautism
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/turbochargedautism


Another heartwarming story was shared by u/turbocharged_ about a young autistic boy. They wrote, "There is a young autistic gentleman in my neighborhood that likes to come over about twice a week and look at my old car." They added, "Apparently the only time he speaks is when he's around my car." The post encloses a beautiful picture of the young boy standing in front of the car. This post went viral on Reddit with over 101k upvotes. 

Reddit user, u/Svengali3-6, commented, "Hey man, get a 12-dollar repair book and talk to him about it till he can speak on other things, great things will come about it." Another user, u/CeelaChathArrna, added, "My son, when he was young and building confidence would get to go read simple books to the kids with survival needs who had to be separated into a separate classroom. He couldn't understand why the teachers were crying when he got the nonverbal autistic kid to say his first words."

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