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Person was reading about the Australian King Parrot. Then it landed on top of the book

The person based in Mount Buller, Victoria in Australia, was left pleasantly surprised when the bird landed on the book.

Person was reading about the Australian King Parrot. Then it landed on top of the book
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @4thedoor

There are times when life throws something unexpected your way that completely takes you by surprise. One person certainly experienced it when an Australian King Parrot landed on their book. Reddit user @u/4thedoor was reading a book about a particular specie of parrots and exactly the same parrot lands on his book. How amazing, right!? In the pictures posted on Reddit, in the first picture, there is a book with an open page with information about the Australian King Parrot and the bird is sitting on top of the book. It is captioned, “Friendly Australian King Parrot landed on my book as I was trying to identify it!” In the other pictures, the parrot can be literally seen looking into the book and seems like it identifies itself.

Reddit | @u/4thedoor
Reddit | @u/4thedoor


The post mentions that it was seen in Mount Buller, Victoria in Australia. The parrot stayed enough with the person that he was able to take multiple pictures. The picture went viral with more than 98,000 upvotes and about 1200 comments. People on Reddit had their own versions of what the bird must be thinking. A Reddit user wrote, “Imagine you went up to a stranger who was reading a book and then you look and he’s reading about you and there’s a picture of you in his book. You just mind-freaked the bird.”

Another user wrote, “Parrot was like - Here, have a closer look 🦜” A third one said, “It's probably used to people walking around with books also feeding it. Beautiful bird though.” Another one pointed out, “How helpful of him. Man, that’s a beautiful bird. I love the birds in my yard, but living somewhere with parrots just flying around sounds like paradise to me. I love these pictures.”

Reddit | @4thedoor
Reddit | @4thedoor


The Reddit user was reading the book, “Field Guide to the Birds of Australia (8th edition) by Simpson and Day, according to MyModernMet.

In another hilarious story about a parrot, it stole a Chilean reporter’s earphones when he was live on air. Nicolas Krumm, a journalist for the Chilevisión channel, was talking about the rise of thefts in the neighborhood when the parrot landed on his shoulder and grabbed his earpiece. The journalist says, “It’s just taken my earpiece.” However, the parrot dropped the earphone and he was able to find it back. This footage of the parrot went viral on the internet.

Reddit | @u/4thedoor
Reddit | @u/4thedoor


Krumm later said that he was halfway through a midway broadcast when he “felt a presence close to me and realized it was a parrot." He alerted the cameraman about the parrot “because it was picturesque."  But right then, "when I'm trying to make sure the cameraman has seen the parrot, it takes my earpiece."


Given the seriousness of the reporting of a residential break-in that was broadcasted live on air, Krumm thought that the best thing to do was to continue the broadcast instead of commenting on the parrot at that time. Krumm thinks that the parrot had eyes on his earpiece when it was watching them from railings nearby "because you can see it looking at it out of the corner of its eye before it takes it" before it landed on the reporter's shoulders.  

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