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Audience sees real-life love story come true as 'Prince Charming' proposes to 'Cinderella' on stage

The proposal took place at the Sun Prairie Civic Theatre in Wisconsin, with the couple confirming they'll be living 'happily ever after.'

Audience sees real-life love story come true as 'Prince Charming' proposes to 'Cinderella' on stage
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @gabe_hanna

Everyone has their own view of what a fairytale or dream wedding would look like for them. For some, it's a classic "Cinderella" style dream. But for one couple, this dream actually came true! During a performance of "Cinderella" in Sun Prairie Civic Theatre in Wisconsin, an actor playing Prince Charming, Gabe Hanna, proposed to his girlfriend Ella Kleefisch, who was playing Cinderella opposite him. 

 Image Source: Instagram | @gabe_hanna
Image Source: Instagram | @gabe_hanna


About their fairytale proposal, Hannah shared with PEOPLE, "We are absolutely ecstatic about our engagement and full of joy." He shared the moment on Instagram with a caption, "And they’ll live happily ever after. Engaged to my best friend." The very thrilled Kleefisch also shared precious memory on her own Instagram with the caption, "I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend OMG."

The post included a video clip of Hannah getting down on one knee to propose to Kleefisch while everyone witnessing the moment gasped. Kleefisch was dressed in a wedding gown for the show's finale. The moment occurred on the final night's curtain call. As the audience cheered, as per the video shared by Wisconsin State Journal, Hannah could be heard saying, "I actually want to take this moment to thank this beautiful, talented woman right next to me. She has made this show her everything over the last two months and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I have known Ella for the last two years, and throughout the last two years, I have been the most happy that I’ve ever been in my entire life."

Hanna then reached for the breast pocket of the jacket of his costume and said, "Two years ago I was awake at night, hoping, praying to God that someone would come into my life and love all the things that I love and do all the things that I do and be my everything. And yes, I’ve found her."

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"She is my angel," Hanna continued, before taking Kleefisch's hand in hers and getting down on one knee, pulling an engagement ring from his jacket. He then went on to ask, "Ella Rose, will you marry me?" As they kissed, Kleefisch said, "Yes!" and the theatrical audience yelled and cheered. The cast then sang the final song of the production, "Finale: The Wedding," and held hands. Kleefisch couldn't hold back her joy and bounced up and down on stage as she became emotional. The couple was seen embracing and kissing each other before exiting the stage.

Viewers were extremely happy for the couple. "This was incredible. A master class in proposing. Congratulations, dear Gabe! You two are brilliant together, and you have a sparkling, bright future!" commented @rebecca_kleefisch. "Congrats Ella! You and Gabe are such a beautiful couple I’m so so happy for you, literally crying with this Disney proposal," wrote @rj_haller. With the look on their faces, it is confirmed that the couple will indeed live a "happily ever after." 

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Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jobuns_
Image Source: TikTok | @jobuns_


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