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Attention-loving cat's leisurely nap on the sidewalk accidentally raises money for a good cause

He was just lounging on the streets looking for belly rubs when everyone started noticing him and contributing money.

Attention-loving cat's leisurely nap on the sidewalk accidentally raises money for a good cause
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @tanjatanja8651

There are several stories of people donating, raising funds, starting charities and so on to help those in need. However, an animal raising money for charity by itself can be entirely impossible but that's what this adorable cat ends up doing, per The Dodo. Tanja–who goes by @tanjatanja8651 on TikTok–shared how a large crowd gathered as they looked in awe at an adorable cat. Tarik, a Persian cat, was sound asleep on the streets of Turkey. He was ideally just catching a few winks as he lay his furry back on the pavement with his belly facing the sky. As soon as the passersby caught a glimpse of the furry feline.

Image Source: TikTok/@tanjatanja8651
Image Source: TikTok | @tanjatanja8651

While it seemed like Tarik was asking for belly rubs with his tempting tummy facing the people, he was just relaxing away. With him becoming a delightful sight on the street, people couldn’t help but stop and smile in awe. The video also captured several people leaving money for Tarik’s hilariously adorable pose. At the cost of a belly rub, people were leaving coins and notes on a napkin as Tarik simply continued to be pampered. The video captures how endearingly men, women and children come over to greet the feline.

Image Source: TikTok/@tanjatanja8651
Image Source: TikTok | @tanjatanja8651

Tarik was no street cat and he was a proud resident of the Golden Eye Jewellery that stood just around the corner. “Tarik came to us two years ago,” Ender, the jewelry store’s spokesperson, mentioned. “He was very weak and sick. We took him in with us and fed him. As you can see, now he is fat and lazy, a very sweet and docile cat.” As many cats are known to be sophisticated and far from the touchy business, Tarik was built differently. Ender mentioned that he was fond of belly rubs and often lay outside on the streets to get himself some.

Image Source: TikTok/@tanjatanja8651
Image Source: TikTok | @tanjatanja8651

However, that day when Tarik stepped out as usual, he found fans who left him money for his furry and cuddly nature. What was meant to be a nap turned out to be a hilariously captivating accident. It earned Tarik a good amount of money. “We feed around 15 stray cats a day. We had a nice banquet for Tarik’s friends with the money he collected, buying them nice food,” said Ender, explaining how Tarik’s poise and show worked out for a good cause. “Our goal is to increase people’s interest in stray animals,” he added. The video went viral on TikTok and received hundreds of thousands of views and likes.


While talking about accidents and cats, there’s a hilarious plethora of instances to chuckle on. Luke Daniels started welcoming new patrons at his pub, Bag of Nails. In a 2011 post on the pub’s Facebook page, a picture of a tiny kitten was shared with a caption that read, “The Bag of Nails has a kitten! I know. Could things get any freakin cuter around here? Meet Malcolm. All together now.” Soon after, another cat came into the picture and he was named Beresford.


The feline duo littered and welcomed kittens and the pub became a home to the furry family. The Bag of Nails became Bristol’s famous “cat pub.” Further on many other cats started showing up and joined the ever-growing family of felines at the pub. While it’s a hilarious and adorable mix, it sure is a genius way of going about your business and doing something for a good cause!


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