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At age 8, she promised her grandma she'd buy her a home. Years later, she's finally done it.

As a Christmas gift, Janita Badon surprised her grandma by buying her a home, the 83-year-old's lifelong dream.

At age 8, she promised her grandma she'd buy her a home. Years later, she's finally done it.
Image Source: janita.badon / Facebook

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 10, 2022. It has since been updated.

Janita Badon surprised her 83-year-old grandma, Irma Badon, with a new home. The granddaughter was fulfilling a promise she had made to her grandmother at eight years old. In a video, the duo can be seen walking towards a home, surrounded by other members of their family. The senior citizen, using a walker and wondering why she could not just unwrap the present at home, is thoroughly shocked and excited when she learns she was in fact approaching the front porch of her new house. Badon's grandma was finally able to fulfill a lifelong wish, Good Morning America's Brightly reports.


The video begins with the grandmother laughing and Badon asking, "What did you just say?" Relaying what had just been asked, a family member reiterates, "She said, 'Why couldn't she bring the gift to the house?'" Of course, she had no idea what was waiting in store for her just a short walk away. "A little hard to do!" Badon responds, laughing before she asks, "You wanna know why yet?" And, even before her grandma can respond, she exclaims, "'Cause this is your house!" The senior citizen gasps and looks absolutely surprised.

As her granddaughter, all grown up now holds on to her arm and helps her walk up to the house, the senior citizen gasps, "Oooh! Aaah!" Even as she climbs the steps to the front door, it is evident that she could not believe that she was actually experiencing that moment. As soon as she gets her walker through the front door, family members and friends hiding behind fixtures and in hallways make themselves visible and shout in unison, "Surprise!" Badon's grandma, who she lovingly refers to as "momo," blurts out, "Oh my God!" It was indeed a happy occasion for everyone involved.


"Christmas was a dream come true," Badon wrote in a Facebook post following the surprise. "My momo got her house! The most selfless person in this world. I really wish I could give her the world twice. Anyone that knows her, KNOWS! Thank you God for allowing me to make good on my promise to her, 'cause it’s been on my mind for a while. Love you." In the comments, friends, family and even absolute strangers expressed their deep appreciation for the young woman. One person wrote, "Absolutely beautiful! I’m in tears. Janita Badon, you are an angel on earth." Another added, "That promise you made as a child was kept so beautifully. What a wonderful story. You've got my eyeballs sweating and my heart smiling. God bless you and your momo." If you're ready for some eyeball sweat yourself, check out the sweet moment in the video below.


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