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Artist who couldn't afford a choir recruits his seven brothers to sing for him and they nail it

Anything that a family does together as one team is undoubtedly filled with lots of love and care and will surely be great, as this song shows us.

Artist who couldn't afford a choir recruits his seven brothers to sing for him and they nail it
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic

Music is one of the best forms of art to ever exist and those who are blessed with a musical life are lucky. But what happens when you're blessed with the talent to create music but don't have the resources? Well, then you get to create and do the best you can with what you have. Musician Ryan Mack (@ryanmackmusic) did just that! He posted a video on Instagram with his brothers and the reason as well as the result will have you feeling musically wonderful!

Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic
Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic

In the video that he posted, he begins by explaining what his seven brothers were doing in the background. He shared that since he was unable to pay for a choir for his song, he decided to get his seven younger brothers to do it for him. And the result was too good to be true. They certainly had a lot of fun while recording. As one of the brothers began to sing in the background, another responded mockingly, "Oh, this might take a while." When a different brother gave one line a shot, another brother said yet again, "Autotune that!"

Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic
Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic

Out of the seven brothers, two were very young. The boys had some hilarious, playful banter, teasing the youngest of them about having his heart broken when his girlfriend broke up with him. To this, he savagely replied that he was the one to end things! One of his elder brothers advised him to just pretend she broke up with him to feel the song. After some more fun comments and conversations, they finally got to the recording part of things.

Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic
Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic

All of the brothers sang the song one by one and recorded it. They started with Danny, after which Conor and Glen followed. After them, Ian seems to be singing in the video. Once all of them were done recording, the video shows us the final result of how the song turned out and it's beautiful. While the video doesn't have the whole song, it has the following paragraph: "When you said forever, I knew no better. Now looking back, was it all an act? Did you love me ever? 'Cause every line and every note, in every song I ever wrote - won't make it better... If you love me never." To think that one family, eight brothers can make something so beautiful - it's only magical!

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The comment section was full of people feeling happy, overwhelmed or glad about the choir not being an option. @janetgroganmusic commented how surprised they were to know about Ryan's brothers and said, "Today years old, finding out you have that many brothers." @ionada_237 said, "Glad to see you so close with your siblings, it is a truly amazing relationship you all have there. Don't take it for granted, I can never understand how there are siblings out there hating on each other. Blessed to have a brother too and the piece is beautiful." @being.bolu shared their views on this chaotic composition, saying, "What I learned from this is to sometimes allow the mess or chaos. It can be beautiful if you have the eyes and heart for it," and we completely agree.

Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic
Image Source: Instagram | @ryanmackmusic

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