Artist creates mesmerizing paintings using just light. Here are 20 brillaint pieces of his work

Pearson started his work after being inspired by a 1949 black-and-white photograph of Pablo Picasso at work.

Cover Image Source: Instagram | DARIUSTWIN

Graphic designer Darren Pearson will leave one in awe looking at his stunning light paintings. He has created everything from a coyote with rainbow hues, to a dinosaur against the night sky to a butterfly near his California home. It took him more than 15 years to master the art of light painting photography. Pearson started his work after being inspired by a 1949 black-and-white photograph of Pablo Picasso at work captured by a photographer called Gjon Mili, according to National Geography. In that picture, Mili made Picasso use light to "paint" his creation in mid-air. Mili used the technique of setting up the camera to a slow shutter speed. And that's the same technique Pearson uses just that he makes the photos and paintings his subjects. And he works only at night.


Pearson's company is called Dariustwin, and social media channels with the same name. "Darren has been lighting up the world for over a decade and has expanded his glowing artwork into more than just still images, but also moving animations composed of hundreds and thousands of light painting photographs all straight out of the camera," says his website. He has worked with companies like Apple, Pixar, Google, Honda, and, Samsung.


Moreover, Pearson lives in the mountains of Southern California with his wife, Jordan, and their son, Jasper. It sometimes takes him months to record a video. Moreover, he has to plan shoots around the weather and moon phases, also look for locations and storyboard his ideas, according to Digitalcameraworld. After which, he places his camera on a tripod looking at the backdrop he wants for the picture. Then, he wears black to be hidden and then starts painting. 


He has close to 185,000 followers on Instagram and 4.9 million likes on Tiktok. He has been making these paintings for the last 15 years. Here are 20 of his amazing light paintings:

1. Neon Dinosaur



2. Mustang



3. Hitchhiking ghosts for Halloween



4. Ghost Rider


5. Light Butterfly



6. Colors


7. Stairway to stars



8. Spirit Deer


9. Juniper


10. Hummingbird


11. Spiral Warp


12. Cherry Blossoms


13. Pink Flamingo



14.Bonneville Brontosaurus


15. Human Condition


16. Mind Flight


17. Psychedelic Shores


18. Lightning


19. Ghost Band



20. Enter the Rainbow



You can follow his work on Instagram and on his personal website.

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