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Artist performs for a full house after tearing up when just one person showed up to her show

Georgie Grier tweeted a tearful selfie only after one person showed up to her Edinburgh Fringe show.

Artist performs for a full house after tearing up when just one person showed up to her show
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @georgie_grier / Instagram | screensteruk

It is a nice feeling when people turn up to watch your work and support you. Although sometimes, when people don't turn up to the party you invited them to or a show you organized just for them, it is natural to feel hurt and discouraged. After only one person showed up to her Edinburgh Fringe performance, Georgie Grier an artist and performer posted a tearful selfie. She had no idea how many people would be watching and supporting her work right after that. Now, she has sold out tickets to her show and has a hall full of audience to appreciate her efforts. 


After she was disappointed when the turnout for her comedy-drama "Sunsets" was just one person, she took to Twitter to express how she felt. With a tearful selfie, she wrote, "There was one person in my audience today when I performed my one-woman play, 'Sunsets' at #edfringe. It’s fine, isn’t it? It’s fine…?" Turns out, it is natural for budding artists to go through this heartbreak. Sophie Craig, the only audience member who attended the show, praised Grier on social media, saying, "We had a lovely hug at the end and she was so professional and brave and she gave me everything. You should be so proud, angel!" reports Sky News. Many people supported her after this tweet. 



Jason Mansford and Dara Ó Briain were among the many who offered consolation. "We’ve ALL done it. Soon, you’ll dine out on this anecdote. More than once I had to buy my audience a drink, as a thank-you for being the only ones there. Best thing though, it’s all stage time, and the show will get better every single time, ready for the big crowds later!" wrote @daraobriain. "We have all been there. I’ve done entire movies where nobody came to the theater the opening weekend. Keeping going in the face of that can be really really hard. But please do. It has nothing to do with where you are headed. The fact you are doing it is what it’s all about," added @BenStiller



Her show, which she describes as a "play about romantic comedies blending the worlds of movies and podcasts," appears to have sold out after garnering online support. The Gilded Balloon, where Grier is performing Sunsets, confirmed the show had sold out on Friday afternoon. Grier reportedly appeared on stage on Friday lunchtime with the words "Hello Wembley" before launching into her show. The Guardian quoted her as saying, "What a wild start to my Fringe experience. From one audience member yesterday to a personalized video from Jason Manford, thousands of supportive messages on social media and seeing more faces in the audience today; it’s been a whirlwind 24 hours. When I posted, I was hoping for a few messages of support or advice from fellow Fringe acts, however, I had no idea how much it would resonate with people. There are ups and downs every day (every hour) at the Fringe but ultimately I know I’m lucky to be performing here. The reaction and support from everybody including my family, friends, the staff at my venue, Gilded Balloon, people online and other performers has lifted my spirits, but I know there are still no guarantees." 



She took to Twitter to thank everyone and express her gratitude for all the support. "Thank you so much for your support today. For anyone asking about my #edfringe show, my one woman play is ‘Sunsets’. It’s about rom coms but also family. I’d love to have you there," she writes. The actress who had a supporting role in Steve Coogan’s 2019 comedy "Greed" shared with Sky News that she felt astounded by the "surreal" support and said she would try to use it as a "boost of encouragement."

Grier said she made the post after she cried post her show on Thursday and "decided to vent to the internet and not my mum, for once." "Yesterday I was crying in my dressing/storage room, and today I'm speaking to you and I've had loads of messages of support, so it has been a bit of a rollercoaster. It's great publicity, I'm really grateful for it. I didn't expect it. But I still am not just going to think I'm going to have tickets as a result...I'm just going to be grateful if one more person comes as a result. I can't get too confident," she added.

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