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Artist creates amazing cardboard cutouts that cast surreal shadow of Jack Sparrow and his ship

The artist masterfully brings to life the legendary character of Captain Jack Sparrow and his ship from the shadow of the same cutouts.

Artist creates amazing cardboard cutouts that cast surreal shadow of Jack Sparrow and his ship
Image Source: Instagram/@kuronushi_

There is no correct way to define art. If a structure is invested with an individual's creativity, then it can be termed art. Even if it is not on a canvas, or is formulated on something that humans cannot comprehend, it will still be art as it has an impact on people. Kuronushi (@kuronushi_) on Instagram challenges the boundaries of art as he uses cardboard boxes in order to bring legendary characters to life. The boxes and the way they are arranged do not look visually appealing when seen with the naked eye. But the moment light falls upon it, the shadow it casts on the wall has the power to mesmerize anyone in the world.

Image Source: Instagram/@kuronushi_
Image Source: Instagram/@kuronushi_


Kuronushi creates shadow art. In this kind of art, the output is generated as a shadow. In order to create the shadow, Kuronushi first cuts and tears the cardboard boxes and then brings them all together in a particular order. After that, he casts light on it so that its shadow is seen on the wall. There are many things that he needs to take care of while presenting the piece. It is important that the light falls on the structure from a particular angle. If the angle is not correct, the structure will not take the shape the artist desires. 

Image Source: Instagram/@kuronushi_
Image Source: Instagram/@kuronushi_


In this video, he has brought to life Johnny Depp's popular character, Jack Sparrow from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise. At first, the shadow seems to be a sailing ship. It slowly turns to Sparrow as the structure is rotated. The message in the art is also beautiful as the different elements of the ship join to make Sparrow's face. This implies that the ship and Sparrow, are inseparable. They are each other's true soulmates. In the movie, Sparrow loves his life as a pirate so this piece of art reflects his deep bond with his ship. It shows how they are truly made of each other's small pieces. The reel has gone viral garnering over 3 million likes.

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This methodology of bringing two figures to life from just one has been followed in other presentations as well. He has tried his hand at various other iconic characters like Harry Potter and sports icons such as Christiano Ronaldo. Though all the clips are just a few seconds long, a lot of hard work goes into making them. He has to be accurate in everything while making the two structures. The artist is unable to touch the shadow that is formed on the screen or wall. Therefore, he has to overwork his imagination. 

Image Source: Instagram/@andrewsonmatthew
Image Source: Instagram/@andrewsonmatthew


Kuronushi has garnered appreciation from all corners for his work. @allysaurus_jean could not stop watching the reel and commented, "I watched it four times and just realized it is Johhy Depp playing Jack Sparrow!" @sungjinwoo_981 was completely in awe of the artist, "And people say 'AI is taking over art.' Let's see AI do this! Respect for this 'true artist.' "

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