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Artist adds inspiring touch to town by painting power poles: 'You're driving around an art gallery'

The community looks more beautiful now, all thanks to Rowe's paintings on power poles, each of which tells a vivid story.

Artist adds inspiring touch to town by painting power poles: 'You're driving around an art gallery'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | ABC Australia

Art has no limitations or boundaries. It is what and how an artist chooses to create using their imagination. Artist David Rowe is making art for a creative purpose and vibrantly painting the streets of Lucinda in Queensland, Australia. As per an Inside Edition report, the artist has been engrossed in this creative work for 20 years and it gives him immense pleasure to add a touch of magnificent beauty to the power poles of the town. Rowe focuses his paintings on mundane everyday scenarios that capture the lifestyle of the people. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Daian Gan
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Daian Gan

"When you drive around, you're driving around an art gallery," he said. Right from a painting of a man eating an ice cream cone to enthralling visuals of sharks and the sea, Rowe aims to add colors to the already delightful scenario he observes and experiences. While his focus lies on fishing, the observant artist also explores other categories to make his work vivid and relatable. ABC News added more to Rowe's story by adding people's gratitude toward his work. Lucida Porgression's secretary Jane Petersen said, "I think it gives [the town] a vibrance – it makes people happy." However, over the years, some of the paintings haven't been maintained.

"Some of them you couldn't even see the picture...they looked sad," Petersen said. Weather and other reasons made them dull or damaged, but Rowe keeps his spirits and artsy energy more lively than ever. Having recently secured grants, Rowe continues revamping 81 pieces of his artwork in his truck, adding a dash of life to the potential paintings. "I'm having a lot more fun with each one this time, putting a lot more detail and embellishing that story," he said. "It's really nice to get down here early in the morning and paint. No one's telling you what to do, I haven't got a boss," Rowe exclaimed.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Brett Sayles
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Brett Sayles

He also mentioned that his paintings have been a way for him to connect with the community based on feedback and inspiration. "It's funny, you paint away and someone turns up, a little old lady turns up, and she decides to tell you all her problems and you say 'yes love, yes love' and, it's a nice community down here," he mentioned. Right from the bellies, the beard, the glasses, the fish and more, Rowe's details are what bring smiles to people's faces. The artist also mentioned that his work has never been graffitied for over two decades.

Rowe recalls some of his painting are inspired by mackerel fisherman Walter Pukzter, who passed away due to brain cancer. Rowe painted a power pole outside his home as a tribute to the late fisherman. His wife, Lisa Pukzter, is beyond grateful. "He's done an awesome job. The grandkids are excited about it too. In 20 years, if we look after it, he will still be here looking like this," she pointed out. Rowe's work is not just passion and art, as each piece has a story. Many have emotions connected and others leave an enriching impact and knowledge for the community.


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