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Article advising people to skip breakfast to make ends meet is sparking fierce debate

People are struggling to afford necessities and corporations are suggesting everyone not eat to tackle capitalism.

Article advising people to skip breakfast to make ends meet is sparking fierce debate
Image Source: TikTok/@coyoteannie & @world.shaker

Doctors suggest that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which gives us the energy to do our daily activities. However, people on social media have recently been suggesting that skipping this meal might be a good way to save money. As surprising as it sounds, numerous people believe and validate these opinions. However, two experts on TikTok CoyoteAnnie and Michael Vaughn decided to end these narratives and make videos explaining why breakfast is essential. Annie says in her viral TikTok video, "Inflation will remain sticky for a decade, and Gen Z and millennials are to blame says Fortune Magazine. It’s our fault again. But wait, why is it our fault?" She added, "According to Fortune, it’s because we’re spending all our money on necessities. In other words, Gen Z and millennials are so broke that we’re spending all our money on food and housing instead of, like, luxury items. The main takeaway here is that inflation isn’t going away anytime soon, but not to worry. The 1% have some advice for us peasants." 

Image Souce: TikTok/coyoteannie
Image Souce: TikTok/coyoteannie


She continues, "Just don’t eat to save money. Maybe you should skip breakfast. Intermittent fasting, am I right?" Annie says sarcastically while highlighting how people skipping breakfasts is benefitting corporations, "Come on, kids. Instead of spending your money on necessities like food, you should buy some junk to help me and my executive friends buy a new yacht. Instead of ‘let them eat cake,’ it’s ‘don’t let them eat eggs.' "

Image Source: TikTok/world.shaker
Image Source: TikTok/world.shaker


"Maybe we should just change the name of America to Americorp. Since we’re just five companies in a trench coat pretending to be a country," she said while concluding the video. During the discussion, Michael Vaughn, a content creator, also chimed in and criticized this absurd guidance. He said in the TikTok video, "I thought this was satire. I had to look it up. This is an actual article published in the actual Wall Street Journal yesterday: "to save money, maybe you should skip breakfast." He added, "We could try ending price gouging or ending stock buybacks that incentivize companies to pay shareholders instead of actually reinvesting in their businesses or lowering prices. But no, poors, skip a meal, suck it up. Like, honestly, it’s guillotine time. I will build the frame, someone needs to sharpen the metal." 

Image Souce: TikTok
Image Souce: TikTok


He told BoredPanda about what Gen Z and millennials could actually do to fight inflation instead of just skipping breakfast. He said, "The problem isn’t inflation, it’s corporate greed. It’s stock buybacks that reward shareholders, the vast majority of whom are ultrarich, rather than reinvesting profits into company growth and the wages of the employees who propelled that success." He added, "It’s pure, unfiltered capitalism, and it’s a poison. I was only half joking when I said maybe it’s time for guillotines. The political systems that are meant to reign in corporate greed have been weaponized against the American people to steal even more wealth for the uber wealthy. What other options have we truly been left with when they’ve taken away everything else?" 

The situation is indeed helpless as several people commented on the videos of Michael and Annie on how they can barely afford necessities. A TikTok user @punkydoodledaisy said, "It's cute how the rich think we can afford 3 meals a day as it is." Another user @hangryxhannibal said, "Been skipping breakfast to afford dinner, since before 2008. Now I’m skipping breakfast and lunch to afford breakfast & lunch for my kids." 

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