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Art teacher stands up for herself and quits job as boss accuses her of stealing kid's Apple Pencil

The digital art teacher from a private art school refuses to put up with the allegation made by her boss after a kid's Apple pencil went missing.

Art teacher stands up for herself and quits job as boss accuses her of stealing kid's Apple Pencil
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @gaerchomps

The feeling one gets after losing their belongings is not nice but it doesn't mean they can randomly accuse someone of stealing, especially when they don't have any proof against the person they are calling a thief. Linda, a digital art teacher from a small private art school, recently found herself in the same ugly situation. Linda, who goes by @gaerchomps on TikTok, was accused of stealing an Apple Pencil from a little student. The situation was made worse when her boss sided with the student as well.

Image Source: TikTok | @gaerchomps
Image Source: TikTok | @gaerchomps

Linda was asked to show receipts to prove that she had actually purchased the Apple Pencil which she owned and it wasn't the student's lost property. “My boss is accusing me of stealing from a little kid,” Linda said in her viral video which has garnered 1 million views so far. The part-time art teacher was furious about how she was treated at her workplace and produced necessary screenshots for her viewers to sum up the whole story.

“So, a kid lost his Apple Pencil, and another student claimed that I took it — even though I didn’t,” Linda stated. “My boss asks for a receipt to show him that I bought it in July. I’m like, bro, do I really have to bring out my Twitter receipts and my Facebook messages? And that’s what I did. I sent him the receipt of my purchase." She explained that the students at the art school were using iPads and Apple Pencils to learn digital art mostly. 

Image Source: TikTok | @gaerchomps
Image Source: TikTok | @gaerchomps

However, Linda had a different model of the Apple product which did not even match the model which was misplaced by the student. She continued narrating the conversation that followed up between her and her boss. "He replied, ‘I know you mentioned you lost your pencil around July. Please bring your pencil tomorrow to let students check.’ And I was like, no, I lost it in May. That’s why I bought a new one this year,” she said.

The fuming teacher brought up screenshots from her old posts on Twitter and text messages and even the receipt of her purchase which proved that she had indeed bought her Apple Pencil for $89. “Like, this is ridiculous. Are you really going to trust a 12-year-old instead of your own employee? Like, why would I steal from a kid? And with an Apple Pencil, I can’t even use?” Linda concluded. The comment section of her TikTok video was equally furious for what she had to go through for no reason at all. 

Image Source: TikTok | @gaerchomps
Image Source: TikTok | @gaerchomps

@baileagh wrote: "This actually crazy. The receipt was more than sufficient. The idea that if you weren’t texting and tweeting about it, they wouldn’t believe you. That's mindblowing." @lanceheu advised: "Go to HR let them know what happened then quit due to hostile work environment then sue or get in employment." @xorheannaxo commented: "I would have said unless you have me on camera doing so, this conversation is over. No screenshots, no justifying."

@cloudycypher added: "Nah cause where is this energy when kids steal our stuff? A student stole my AirPods and even though I knew who took them, administration couldn’t do anything." Linda made an update video revealing that this event made her quit the job and it wasn't possible for her to sue her former workplace easily. She also added that the boss was actually managing the human resource department as well, so, she had limited options other than quitting. Linda continues to interview for better job opportunities and is making money as a freelance artist.

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