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Visually impaired fan moved to tears as people gather below his balcony to celebrate victory with him

The elderly man smiles wide as he soaks in the chants and songs from Argentinian fans.

Visually impaired fan moved to tears as people gather below his balcony to celebrate victory with him
Cover Image Source: Instagram/ESPN FC

Argentinian people are still reveling in their team's victory against France in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Sunday, thanks to the incredible performance of Lionel Messi. The South American country declared Tuesday a national holiday to celebrate their long-awaited victory, which came 36 years after their last win in 1986. In fact, people around the world have been celebrating the win, with several videos on the internet showing the shared joy and triumph felt by the team's fans. However, one video among them has won the hearts of many online. In a video shared by ESPN, people wearing Argentina's jersey can be seen gathered outside a visually impaired elderly man's house and singing to him so that he can celebrate with them. As he stands on the balcony, soaking in the atmosphere of victory, a person beside him can be seen getting emotional over the love and support from the crowd.

"These Argentina fans started singing to a blind man who was standing on his balcony to celebrate the victory with him. The beauty of sports," the video caption states. Many on the internet were moved by the beautiful video. "This is what football is all about," wrote one social media user while another said: "I’m not crying... you, no no it’s me, I’m crying. The beauty of this sport it's what it’s all about!" A third commented, "No other sports on earth could bring people like that together."


In another heart-warming video shared on the internet, a fan gave his Argentina jersey to a homeless man so he could also celebrate the historic victory. Upon receiving the jersey, the man kneels down on the road and pulls the jersey on as he starts crying. The crowd cheers him on as the man makes the cross and thanks God.

Thousands of supporters swarmed the Buenos Aires streets to celebrate the World Cup victory. Drone footage showed countless fans gathered around the city’s popular obelisk and in front of the house of late football hero, Diego Maradona.

Sunday's finals were nerve-wracking for both teams. Many people supporting Argentina were ready to celebrate after the first half with the lead against France 2-0. However, soon their joy turned into fear as the lead was diminished and both teams were finally in a deadlock at 3-3. "It was an incredible game, at times anguishing," said 46-year-old Diego Aburgeily, who celebrated the win in the Buenos Aires suburbs. "This team made people fall in love with them for the first time in decades."


Messi scored seven goals in total during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, of which two were in the finals. He also made three assists in the last game, which is said to be his final football World Cup. 

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