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Applicant offers $500 to company’s founder to hire him and the internet is ‘impressed with his pitch’

A job applicant successfully got an employer's attention by making a unique pitch to get the position.

Applicant offers $500 to company’s founder to hire him and the internet is ‘impressed with his pitch’
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Sora Shimazaki; X | @paraschopra

The job market is fiercely competitive, driving candidates to find unique ways to stand out. This was exemplified by a bold move from a job seeker targeting the founder of digital health startup Nintee, @paraschopra. He shared a pitch on X from a potential candidate eager to work at his company, highlighting their distinct approach. The post, which has got 129.3K views and 988 likes, contains a screenshot of the message that the candidate sent to their potential future employer.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Sora Shimazaki
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Sora Shimazaki

After the candidate stated their interest, they wrote, "I have a unique proposition for you. I'll pay you $500 to hire me." They went on to state that they would prove themselves to be "one of the best" within a week. In case the employer doesn't find their work to be satisfactory, they can keep the $500 and fire them from the job. The applicant concluded: "Saying this, so I'll have skin in the game and not waste your team's time. Looking forward to your rejection." Chopra highlighted in the caption how such a message would immediately get an employer's attention and that he would obviously not take the money, but he was "very impressed with the pitch."



The unconventional approach left social media users dazzled. @vikr13nt commented, "Offering money seemed a bit too much, haha. But surely convincing enough, nonetheless. Especially the closing." @lawabiding_indn suggested, "If I were you, I'd at least give him a chance in some form- an internship? A small project to prove himself?" Another individual, @aish_caliperce, pointed out, "That's one good DM; this message just speaks the person's confidence so much." 

Another scenario that we often see in the job market is employers making unreasonable demands during the hiring process. Casey, a woman, shared a post on Reddit how she put together an entire comedy sketch after being asked to record a video resume for the position of a sales assistant in a small clothing store. She wrote, "You'd like a video resume? You got it! Okay, so this happened about 7 years ago and I just never really thought to share it here until now." The woman explained how she had been looking at jobs in small shops in her town and was looking for jobs that had no stress to them as she had just recovered from a nervous breakdown. 

Casey eventually found a cute little shop and gave them her resume. A few days later, she got an email from them asking her to write an essay about why she wanted the job. She wanted the job, so she complied and then discovered that the store wanted her to make a video resume. This frustrated her as the job was a minimum-wage one, and she decided to get creative with her video resume. The woman and her husband proceeded to film a hilarious video that highlighted how Casey was ideal to be a salesperson for a variety of reasons, including knowing how to fold and not doing drugs. It has been posted on YouTube.


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