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Anti-maskers swarm mall, grocery store and attack customers wearing masks

One of the people in the store pleads with the anti-maskers to wear a mask, warning them that they're all going to get sick.

Anti-maskers swarm mall, grocery store and attack customers wearing masks
Image source: Twitter/SamBraslow

Those who made a trip to a shopping mall and a grocery store in Los Angeles witnessed a scene that could be straight out of a zombie movie. Anti-maskers ran into Westfield Century City shopping mall and nearby Ralphs grocery store and started shouting at and attacking customers for wearing masks. A series of videos captured showed the anti-maskers heckling and hurling verbal abuses at customers. Beverly Hills Courier reporter Samuel Braslow posted the videos of the clash. According to Braslow, it all started with an anti-mask protest happening near Los Angeles’ Westfield Century City shopping mall and Ralphs grocery store, reported DailyDot.  




You'd think people would have enough common sense to wear a mask and social distance during a month in which America is recording the highest Coronavirus cases. In the video uploaded by Braslow, the anti-maskers can be seen confronting shoppers at the mall and grocery store. A customer requests them to wear a mask and even offers them a spare mask. “Sir, you need to put your mask on. ... I have a mask for you.” The unmasked man replies, “I don’t need that. I don’t wear masks.” He can be seen pleading with them to wear masks, warning them, "You're all going to get sick." The other maskless protesters can be seen sniggering and mocking the man for trying to help.




They are also accompanied by other unmasked protesters, who start to heckle the man offering a mask. In a video, one of the anti-maskers calls masked people 'mask nazis', which is ironic considering no one else buys into right-wing conspiracy theories like a neo-nazi. They could be seen holding placards and chanting "no more masks." Music, if anything, to Coronavirus' ears. One of the placards read, "Covid is a conjob." In another incredible video, a masked woman screams at protesters, telling them that her mother was in the hospital battling COVID-19 and one of the insensitive Covidiots responds by saying, "Everyone dies. Your mother isn't special."




This is followed by another video, where an unmasked woman can be seen pushing a shopping cart down a frozen food aisle towards a masked man. The anti-masker then steps from behind the cart and pursues the masked man down the aisle, shouting at him, “He just assaulted me!” This is followed by multiple anti-maskers rushing to the man and slamming him for hitting the woman. “You hit a woman, bro,” a man can be heard saying offscreen. The unmasked woman who rammed the customer with a cart calls him a “fucking pussy.” The man backing off from the mob, asks the grocery store staff to call the cops. As people surround him, he alleges that she attacked him. As the man waits at the checkout counter, she returns to kick him. 



In another video, in the mall, an unmasked man can be seen shouting at people inside a store. After being rebuked by masked customers, the anti-masker can be seen pretending to die. He falls dramatically to his knees while acting like he is breathless and being choked. It would be funny if 350,000 people didn't die from Coronavirus in America over the past 10 months. 



In another video, a group of anti-mask protesters can be heard telling people to "go to communist China," which is kind of ironic, because China's done really well to control the virus. They literally held a New Year's party to ring in 2021 in Wuhan while America recorded the highest Coronavirus cases in December. The streets and nightclubs of Wuhan were packed as people stood shoulder to shoulder to celebrate the new year, reported The Sun. Wuhan implemented a strict lockdown and hasn't reported a single case new locally transmitted case of the disease since May 10. 

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