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Anti-abortion supporters can’t explain why they don’t support safety nets for babies

Riley Obrien volunteers to defend those seeking abortions outside clinics from conservative people who try to harass them.

Anti-abortion supporters can’t explain why they don’t support safety nets for babies
Cover image source: TikTok/@rileyjoobrien

A video of a volunteer exposing the hollow arguments of the anti-abortion movement has gone viral. Riley Jo Obrien, who posted the video on TikTok, filmed an argument with a conservative couple and put them on the spot with their claims of being 'pro-life.' Obrien volunteers to defend those seeking abortions outside clinics from conservative people who try to harass them. She questioned the couple if their concern and care for babies ended at birth, leaving them speechless. Obrien's tags in the video suggested the couple were creating an issue outside an abortion clinic. They were seen holding rosaries and appeared to be a conservative Christian couple. Obrien referred to them as "forced birth extremists."


The video starts with Obrien asking a couple what other organizations they volunteer with. The couple is uncomfortable and not keen on answering her questions. When the couple asks why Obrien is asking for such information, she clearly explains that most of the conservative movement rarely cares for a baby's health after they are born, and do not support welfare to help mothers and children. “Because a lot of folks who claim to be ‘pro-life,’ as soon as a person is born, they vote for programs that cut social safety nets that help people decide to keep those babies,” explains Obrien. “So like a woman on food stamps, for example, right, might choose to be able to keep her child rather than have an abortion because she can afford to feed herself.”


She also added that it is common for people like them to “vote to cut programs like food stamps, calling that person a ‘welfare queen,’ but then say ‘well, why doesn’t she choose to keep her baby’ when you know very well that’s why.” The woman is temporarily speechless as Obrien's argument appears to cut through her claims that she's 'pro-life.' She then comes up with a flimsy excuse that “there’s nothing wrong with focusing on one issue.” Obrien goes on to explain that it was cruel to the mother and the child to view it in isolation.


She explains that most women who have abortions are already mothers. “So those mothers should be allowed to choose when and where they’re gonna have children. Those mothers should be allowed to be given that option. They already know what it takes to have a child, and so if they say ‘you know what, I can’t handle another one,’ they should be allowed to say that and do that and make choices that are right for their family,” she explained. Obrien, who volunteers as a defender outside clinics, often posts videos questioning the logic of those harassing women seeking abortions. 


The conservative movement refer to abortion as 'murdering' babies but they never follow through to protect babies after they are born, exposing the hypocrisy of the argument of being 'pro-life.' As we reported earlier, the admin of the Facebook page Insufferably Intolerant Science Nerd (IISN) slammed a person who called them a 'murderer' in a message. "What happens next? Once you have succeeded in your quest to stop the termination of a pregnancy – disregarding the circumstances for why the woman or couple wants to terminate (failed birth control, rape, lack of financial stability, unsuitable environment, domestic violence, mental health issues, lack of employment, medical issues, lack of comprehensive sexual education) – what happens next? Who pays for prenatal or postnatal care? Surely not a couple working minimum wage who can barely afford their rent. Who provides healthcare and funds medical bills for single women with no place to live?" replied the IISN admin. "Once you have succeeded in stopping the termination of a pregnancy, what role will you have in ensuring a quality of life for the fetus you so desperately wanted to save?"


The 'forced-birther' replied, "That’s the parent’s responsibility." The admin then laid into them, calling out their lack of empathy and compassion. "Don’t pretend you give a sh*t about children when you aren’t prepared to do a damn thing about the millions of struggling families on welfare, or the millions of children in foster care," the admin wrote.

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