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Animal shelter manages to find forever homes for all their pets after 47 years: 'A true miracle'

It is indeed a merry season for the Adam County SPCA animal shelter, which managed to find homes for every one of their pets just in time for Christmas!

Animal shelter manages to find forever homes for all their pets after 47 years: 'A true miracle'
Cover Image Source: Facebook| Adams County SPCA

People working at animal shelters have seen animals go through the worst scenarios. Right from being abandoned and injured, they muster the love and courage to take these adorable creatures in and nurse them back to health. There is no joy greater than seeing an animal go to their new home except that of having all the furry guys find a home just in time. The Adam's County SPCA animal shelter received the joyous news of having found homes for all their pets. After almost 50 years, the shelter witnessed the delight of having every animal find a home, reports TODAY.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Mia X
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mia X

Calling it nothing less than a miracle, the staff shared a post on Facebook, expressing their gratitude and sharing the good news. With a picture of the staff the cages empty and wide open, the caption read, "Today is a great day for the Adams County SPCA! Two weeks ago, our kennels were almost filled, now we don't have any dogs in the building at all." No one can get over the overwhelming joy the fact brings, especially during Christmas. "This is the first time in 47 years that the Adams County SPCA is empty, let alone at Christmas time, it is a true miracle!" the caption continued.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| ucas Andrade
Representative Image Source: Pexels| ucas Andrade

The outlet spoke with Tonya Hays, a technician at the shelter, who revealed that it was no piece of cake having the adoption processes completed and finding the right families for the furry guys. Hays said, "We had to get all of them spayed and neutered, vaccinated and tested for heartworms and tick-borne illness while also processing a lot of (adoption) applications, so the staff worked really hard." She calls it quite a "feat" and can't get over how cool the coincidence is. To add to the good news, the staff shared that they had almost 600 animals adopted and over 100 strays reunited with their families over the year.


"To say that we are beyond excited is an understatement! The staff and volunteers have worked very hard to take care of the animals in our care and to make sure they got adopted to the right home!" the caption added. Towards the end of their post, the team thanked members of the community and many others who stepped up to adopt the pets as well as aid in different ways. With much hope to look forward to in the new year, the Adam County SPCA animal shelter is ready to welcome new animals and find their "pawfect" families for them. Several people reacted to the post, applauding and congratulating the shelter.


Many people who had adopted pets from the shelter shared pictures of their new members, all comfortable and commented as well. Sandy Bulson said, "You guys are amazing and we are so honored to partner with you all!" Chelsea Anna shared a picture of her cat and said, "Toulouse (adopted 16 years ago) says, 'Meowy Christmas and congratulations.'" Tracy Rang said, "That is a Christmas miracle!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!"


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