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Animal shelter makes desperate plea during harsh winters. Hundreds of people show up to help.

A shelter for homeless animals in Poland launched a special operation to find foster homes for the dogs they housed during terrible winters in the country.

Animal shelter makes desperate plea during harsh winters. Hundreds of people show up to help.
Cover Image Source: Facebook | KTOZ Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami

Winter is a harsh season for all. While the fortunate ones enjoy this weather sitting by the fire, under a safe and warm shelter there are many who struggle. This includes homeless animals who don't have a safe and warm roof over their heads. However, during these harsh winters, it has become difficult for shelters to accommodate all of these animals. This is why an animal shelter in Warsaw, Poland released a plea to the public for help, per PEOPLE.


As winter arrived in Poland, the residents have been receiving warnings about the temperature dropping below 20 degrees Celsius. Still, countless people from Warsaw came ahead to ensure that the kennel animals stay safe and warm from the dangerously low temperatures by providing them with foster homes. KTOZ Shelter for Homeless Animals in Krakow needed some serious help as their kennels were overcrowded with about 300 dogs and some had to be kept outside since there was no space left for them inside the building.


The animal shelter launched an initiative called "Operation Frost" this month and sought help from the locals to adopt the animals temporarily as house pets as the poor animals can escape the frigid weather. The shelter did not expect to receive an overwhelming response as hundreds of people showed up at the kennel and waited for hours in the cold to find a foster pet to take home. Thankfully, 120 dogs found a safe haven and "Operation Frost" was successful.


"We're very excited to announce that 'Operation Frost' is suspended due to keeping all outside dogs that need to be moved inside safe and warm! The response from you guys has been overwhelming We are extremely grateful and touched. Thank you very much to each of you for your quick response to our appeal. You stood patiently in line yesterday for as many hours as you have today since the very morning. Our animals will spend these cold days warm and mostly on sofas. A big thank you to our shelter staff and volunteers. They did a lot of hard and good work," the shelter announced over a Facebook post.


This isn't the first time when mankind has shown generosity towards these innocent animals. A few years ago, an animal shelter in Florida rejoiced in the adoption of every single dog they housed in the facility and it was the first time in history that the entire shelter was empty. The staff and volunteers of Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control celebrated the involvement and hard work of everyone which made all the adoptions possible. In a Facebook video and post, the shelter's staff can be seen peaking out of the empty chambers where the homeless dogs were once kept before they found their forever homes.


"For the first time in the history of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, we have completely emptied one of our three dog kennels! This amazing milestone was made possible by the help and support of our entire community! Thank you to the shelter staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to care for, find homes for, and advocate for the pets who come through these doors. Thank you to everyone who has opted to adopt a shelter pet - whether it be here or from any of the other amazing organizations out there; thank you to our placement partner organizations far and wide - without them, this would not be possible," the shelter wrote in their Facebook post.


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