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An underprivileged boy was pictured studying under a street lamp. Then a millionaire intervened

Victor Angulo from Peru was spotted studying each night under a street lamp and someone special came to help him.

An underprivileged boy was pictured studying under a street lamp. Then a millionaire intervened
Cover Image Source: Youtube | @BlackBossom

We all know the value of education but not all are privileged to have access to it. But this 12-year-old boy realized what education can do for him and took it as seriously as possible. Victor Angulo was spotted studying each night under a street lamp. His family home did not have any electricity in Moche, Peru. So, he took to the streets of Moche to do the studying. He was reading each night to complete his homework. At this point, someone recorded a video of the young boy and it went viral in no time, as per media outlet Diario Correo from Peru, reported Goal Cast

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In the video, he is seen on a sidewalk as he completes his studies alone. It prompted a generous man to help Victor. Luckily, this man was a millionaire and a businessman. Yaqoob Mubarak decided to help Victor. He decided to help him and his family and build a home for them. He also offered them money to start a business. Yaqoob had also arrived at Victor's home and when he saw the situation in which the family was living, he couldn't help but build him a home. The condition of Victor's school was also the same and Yaqoob decided to build up the infrastructure of the school as well. On Yaqoob's social media, we see pictures of them reading together and it is truly heartwarming.



In another heartwarming story about a person's dream coming true, a homeless woman has finally completed her college degree. Emma Lopez Ruano has recently achieved a remarkable milestone by graduating from Mount San Antonio College with a degree in alcohol and drug counseling, according to Good Morning America. At the graduation ceremony, the woman who is also a mom can be seen wearing a maroon robe with a note on her head decorated with flowers. 


It reads, "The message is hope. The promise is freedom."  Years ago, this seemed impossible for Ruano. "I didn't think graduating college was even possible for me anymore. I have three kids who are all teenagers. My oldest is graduating high school this year, so this was something that I didn't think I could even do," she explained. Recalling her past life, the mom said, "In my 20s, I started doing drugs and I started doing really bad, making really bad choices. I kept trying to be clean and I just wasn't able to. I wasn't able to get a hold of my life and I couldn't get control back and I ended up homeless. I couldn't manage my life anymore." She also spoke about the role of counselors in getting through the course. The mother said, "With the help of counselors here at Mt. SAC, I was finally able to decide, 'Ok, I'm going to keep going and get my associates.'" Ruano has proved that it is possible for people to come out of addiction and dream of a new life.

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