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Americans stunned after mom living in Slovakia reveals the country's maternity leave plan

America has an unpaid maternity leave policy and after hearing about the parental leave policy in Slovakia, its safe to say many jaws dropped.

Americans stunned after mom living in Slovakia reveals the country's maternity leave plan
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @polar.girl

Every country has a different rule when it comes to maternity or parental leave. However, in the US, mothers get up to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave and it isn't nearly enough for new moms. So, when a woman on Instagram shared that they get up to three years of paid parental leave in Slovakia, it left American parents stunned. Daniela posted a video in which her kid was seen running behind pigeons in a park. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Leah Newhouse
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Leah Newhouse

The text overlay read, "In Slovakia, we get three years of paid parental leave." She gave more information about it in the caption. Daniela wrote, "And I’m not kidding. After 34 weeks of maternity leave, one parent can stay with the child until he/she turns three years old. The employer will keep the position and after the kid enters kindergarten, the parent returns to work. Parents can even share the time they spend with their children at home. We get around 500€ per month from the government to take care of the kid. Many parents in Slovakia use this benefit and stay at home for at least two years."

Image Source: Instagram | @polar.girl
Image Source: Instagram | @polar.girl

She then asked people on the social media platform: "How is it in your country?" @ryanz_ok commented, "On behalf of the US: We bring our laptops to the delivery room so we can work remotely during labor." @_kahmiko wrote, "In America, pregnant moms have to choose between their job, being homeless, going hungry, everything but our health while pregnant, and the nurturing of our child. America’s system is not family or woman-friendly." @dr_freundmd shared, "I’m in America. My husband almost lost his job during the birth of our second child because I was in labor for a week. He returned to work the day I was released from the hospital. And again after our third. I almost didn’t make it and they still forced him to return so I was home with a five and two-year-old and newborn alone. No help from anyone."

Image Source: Instagram | @polar.girl
Image Source: Instagram | @paigeprater

@willy_joe_balb wrote, "In America, you get questioned and possibly get fired for taking too long of a break after three months. The fathers barely get to use the 12 weeks they are given. After that, you get questioned or PTO, and sick leave gets used up. After using up the PTO and sick leave hours, you need to apply for FMLA or family leave of absence or else your job is in jeopardy." @employed.and.expecting said, "Meanwhile in the US, I got laid off in my third trimester. This is incredible, parents around the world deserve paid leave to care for their children.

Image Source: Instagram | @polar.girl
Image Source: Instagram | @keansweeets

People from other countries also shared how paternity leave works in their countries. @arian.nilsen commented, "We are living in Norway and as a dad, I get 42 weeks after the birth home with my child with full pay, as for my wife, she can be home with full pay as long as needed after the birth. We sure are thankful for that after three kids." @hellaamariaa explained, "In Canada, I got one year of maternity leave paid and two extra years at my own expense so I can keep my position at the hospital I was working." @pinkeepurple wrote, "One year in Australia for me for each of my kids, then I went back part-time until they reached pre-school age. So sad to hear about all the parents in the US who aren’t supported in their journey to parenthood." 

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