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Americans reveal their never-ending student debt and their hopelessness will break your heart

The Twitter thread was started by a writer whose $70,000 debt remains the same despite paying $60,000 over 11 years.

Americans reveal their never-ending student debt and their hopelessness will break your heart
Image Source: Twitter/@lacymjohnson

Student debt has become a vicious cycle from which Americans, especially millennials, just can't seem to escape. Even as Republicans mock the idea of writing off student debt, a twitter thread started by a professor threw light into the gravity of the issue and how much the new generation has been burdened by the burgeoning debt. Writer and professor Lacy M. Johnson started a thread detailing her own personal struggle to pay back her student debt of $70,000 that she availed to complete her Ph.D. in creative writing. Despite paying over $60,000 across 11 years, her debt remains at $70,000.

Twitter/ @lacymjohnson


She tweeted: When I left grad school in 2008, I owed $70k in federal student loans. (A poor choice I wouldn’t make again.) For the past 11 years, I’ve been making payments (except for a period of underemployment), totaling about $60,000 in payments. Guess how much I still owe. $70,000. Her followers then tweeted their own struggles with paying back their student loans. The thread reveals many similar stories and shows student loans for what they are — a deal with the capitalistic devil.



One user wrote: Have two bachelor's and a law degree. Actual tuition was in the neighborhood of $100k for all three. I owe close to $200k now. It’ll never be paid off unless I win the lottery. Another Twitter user compared it to slavery: It’s a new form of legalized indentured servitude. Not to one employer, but to a whole “employment” class. A way to solidify an emerging “caste” hierarchy, in which the permanently indebted are entrapped. Pernicious and predatory. Twitter users who left the US after taking into account the rising costs of education and healthcare also chimed in on the matter. One user wrote: I settled in the UK for the same reason, plus acceptance and rights for LGBTQ. Sadly Uni tuition went up exponentially under the heartless Tories but the #NHS is a national treasure. America is a massive pyramid scheme crushing the bottom levels to serve the tip. 



One user from Canada was baffled by the capitalistic greed in the US health and education sectors: I just don't understand America. Health and education are supposed to be an investment in society, not a way for rich corporations to keep poor people in their place. Whatever happened to throwing off the yoke of the class system? Another responded by pointing out the problem of America romanticizing Capitalism: Because of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand.





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