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American moms can't help but love and admire services provided by this Korean postpartum doula

In this viral clip, the doula helped out so much that the new mom could focus more on recovery and bonding with her newborn.

American moms can't help but love and admire services provided by this Korean postpartum doula
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jeenie.weenie

Being a new mom can be a beautiful experience but it also can be daunting and terrifying. In fact, American postpartum recovery is a lot different when compared to other countries. One mom is showing how wonderful a Korean postpartum service turned out to be for her. Jeenie, who goes by @jeenie.weenie on TikTok, was amazed when her doula did it all: from massages to blood pressure checks to taking care of the baby and even making wholesome meals. The Korean Postpartum Care Service helped Jeenie with everything so she could spend time bonding with her newborn. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by RDNE Stock project


According to her TikTok video, she revealed her doula took care of the following: massage, blood-clot concerns, blood pressure checks, light therapy, including at the incision area as well as breastfeeding coaching, laundry, bottle sanitizing, and other cleaning, baby care, including diapers and meals... phew! She said it was one of the best experiences she could ask for and didn't want her doula to leave.

Image Source: TikTok | @jeenie.weenie
Image Source: TikTok | @jeenie.weenie


Many moms left their remarks about the services in the comments section. @krealitygrace wrote, "My biggest regret is not getting a postpartum doula when I came home with baby. She looks amazing!" @queenofmycastle3 lamented, "Oh god I’m so jealous. I had 2 c C-sections and had none of this. Or anything for that matter. But happy for you." @verootjuh added, "I love the ‘kraamzorg’ (postnatal care) here in the Netherlands!" 

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But it was the reactions of American moms that shed light on the importance and need for a good doula in the country. "Do we have something like this in the US??" commented @jay_zcott and @bxrnardojnataaliia wrote: "Omg I live in the wrong country." "Every single country in the world needs this," expressed @sarahemery4765. @lee_heather._ wrote: "I wish I had a Sara when I had my babies." "I swear if I have another child I’m having my child in Korea. Amazing," shared @celestialsirens

According to Scary Mommy, the services are likely based on the Korean practice of Sanhujori, which includes consuming healthy foods, doing exercise, and warming up the body. A report by The Korea Herald states that the country has now a total of 475 postpartum centers and the average cost of these services has surged from $1805 to $2300 since 2017. 

Many people around the world practice similar customs of making sure new moms are well-rested and taken care of. Chinese moms also have a similar practice called Zuo Yue Zi. According to CNN, the term, which means “sitting the month,” is when a new mother stays at home for one month to allow her body to rest after giving birth.

If we take the postpartum services in the US into consideration, there is a lack of education on it in the country, says Mandy Major, who is the owner of Major Care which is a virtual postpartum doula service based in America. “We have a lack of systematic postpartum here within our health care system,” Major was quoted as saying by CNN. “We have a go-go, hyper-productive, hyper-independent culture, but we also don’t have paid leave," she added. The video shared by Jeenie has given hope to American moms too. 

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