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American man shocked to see people not reacting to a public proposal in the Netherlands

The person who recorded the proposal wondered why no one cheered to celebrate the couple's special moment.

American man shocked to see people not reacting to a public proposal in the Netherlands
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @onyisimadagaska

When most people think of proposals, they imagine a magical moment in a beautiful place. However, it is not the truth for many other cultures around the world. So when a man, Onyisi—who goes by @onyisimadagaska on Instagram—witnessed a proposal at a public place in the Netherlands he was confused. He observes that everyone around the couple ignores and doesn't cheer for them at all. So, he took to the platform to share the moment and talk about the cultural difference. He wondered why people were acting as if it was not a "special moment."

Image Source: Instagram | @onyisimadagaska
Image Source: Instagram | @onyisimadagaska

The man was traveling in a tram when a person proposed to his girlfriend, the couple looked pretty excited as the boyfriend went down on one knee and the woman said yes. The couple hugged each other to celebrate their moment. However, there was radio silence from everyone else as people were either looking at their phones or going about their day as they usually would. The man is surprised as he is the only one cheering for the couple and clapping to congratulate them.

Image Source: Instagram | @onyisimadagaska
Image Source: Instagram | @onyisimadagaska

"Why are you guys acting like it's not a special moment?" The man questioned as he clapped himself. "Wow, congrats!" he exclaimed. "This is a special moment and everyone is acting like it's not special," the man said looking out of the window wistfully. The man got off the tram and began talking to the camera, "You know if this was America, the way people would shout, 'Oh my god, congratulations!'" The man advised the people in the Netherlands to loosen up a little.

"Someone just proposed to his wife, you people are pressing your phone," he went on. The man simply couldn't believe what he had just witnessed and let out a sigh of frustration. "You know show excitement and make his day," the man told the people. "Even the guy recording the with the phone was just like this," he explained making a poker face. "Ah! You don't like love?"

Image Source: Instagram | @elise211003
Image Source: Instagram | @elise211003
Image Source: Instagram | @geenrosewolk
Image Source: Instagram | @geenrosewolk

The video received 2.2 million views and people took to the comments section to explain why they would have done the same thing as the crowd while others empathized with the couple. Few people also believed that the setting was not ideal for a proposal. The man captioned the video, "I wish he could have proposed in a more picturesque setting, but what truly matters is the genuine love we share."

@tiffany_thirsa wrote, "I wouldn’t have congratulated them either because I would have thought it was a prank. Proposing in the tram? The bar is in hell." @xsarahhh commented, "Maybe they met in the tram, then it is the perfect place to propose but people have to cheer no matter the place." @toma.tish remarked, "A special moment for them. Monday morning for me. It's their private thing. No need to involve complete strangers."


@margrietagram expressed, "These reactions aren't negative. If you do not know these people, then the action by itself can be rather embarrassing as a coincidental bystander. What do strangers have to do with it? People are just trying to get home, to work, to the gym, or something else. Most people in NL see a proposal as something more intimate. They just do not know why it is their business. It isn't negative!"

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