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'American Idol' alum's duet with dad about 'what to look for in a guy' is winning over the internet

This Indian-American singer is making waves with her melodious father-daughter duet, where she specifies what women look for in a guy.

'American Idol' alum's duet with dad about 'what to look for in a guy' is winning over the internet
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @tiktokbrownchick

People scrolling through TikTok and Instagram might be familiar with Indian-American singer and songwriter known as Shuba, who has gained a loyal fanbase with her spot-on impressions of Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, Eminem, Shakira and many more. After participating in the 12th season of "American Idol" and pursuing a full-time career as a musician, Shuba—who goes by @tiktokbrownchick on TikTok—decided to perform a duet song with her father Ramesh, which they have also co-written, per her latest TikTok video.

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Even though this young musician is not looking for a boyfriend, the lyrics of her song melodiously detail what women like her look for in a perfect man they want in their lives. The clip became one of Shuba's many viral videos on her TikTok page. "I'm putting off getting married for as long as I can," Shuba sings in her video, "But my dad's gonna tell me what to look for in a man."

"Look for a guy who respects you and never leaves you to dry, communicates his feelings and comforts you when you cry, is open-minded, intelligent and puts your needs on top," Ramesh sings next. "And most importantly, you must find a man..." the duo sings in unison before her father quips, "Who is hot." Recoiling dramatically, Shuba asks her dad, "Hot?" "Don't you want to have pretty kids?" his father asks back immediately. The caption of her video hilariously reads, “I was with him until the end, TBH.”

Image Source: TikTok | @tiktokbrownchick
Image Source: TikTok | @tiktokbrownchick

The TikTok audience applauded Ramesh and his sense of humor and left the comment section with positive words. @mommylittleloves joked: "I thought he was going to say 'like me' before the hot part at the end." @rajchandrapal16 wrote: "A different kind of superstar. Much respect. Greatness in the making." Some others praised Ramesh's voice and claimed that they could listen to him "sing all day long."

Image Source: TikTok | @embers_of_haven
Image Source: TikTok | @embers_of_haven
Image Source: TikTok | @grtwhtvvvv
Image Source: TikTok | @grtwhtvvvv

The father-daughter duo wrote this brief track over the Thanksgiving break when Shuba was home to visit her dad, per TODAY. "Being Indian parents, we were concerned about when Shuba will get married," Ramesh told the outlet, "Shuba is the age of her mom when she got married." Shuba joked, "As soon as you hit your twenties, Indian parents ask, 'When are you getting married?'"

Image Source: TikTok | @tiktokbrownchick
Image Source: TikTok | @tiktokbrownchick

Ramesh revealed that he had tried to figure out if her daughter was dating anyone. But on the day of writing the song, Shuba turned the conversation around and asked her father about the traits he believes are important in a spouse. "Make sure the person is attractive," Ramesh said back then which made Shuba laugh and it eventually became the basis of their song.

Shuba has composed many songs that are inspired by her childhood in Michigan. "Growing up Indian with semi-conservative parents, some of my songs, like 'Indian Summer' for example, are about liberation and embracing your 'baddie' self," Shuba recalled. Well, her father never doubted his daughter's talents as a singer and encouraged her to perform in public even if she wasn't confident.


"My career is the love of my life," Shuba continued, adding that she has not introduced any potential partners to her parents yet, "Like I sang, I am putting off marriage for as long as I can and that comes straight from the heart. I'm in no rush." Ramesh, being a supportive father, is clear about one thing. Shuba's future husband has to support her music career otherwise he won't be "the man of her dreams."

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