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Amazon worker shares 3 things that they hate to deliver to customers and people are taking notes

Amazon delivery partner makes a video, where they share the names of three things that they hate carrying and handing over to customers.

Amazon worker shares 3 things that they hate to deliver to customers and people are taking notes
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@jennifermonique365

The internet has forever changed the way people shop in their lives. Even for the smallest of things, people prefer to tap on their phones and order. Sometimes, this kind of shopping pushes the envelope of logic. For ease, people have started to order things they can easily get from shops near them or are extremely heavy to carry. In the latter situation, for the sake of profit, conglomerates do not assign enough people to deal with that load. This becomes a cause of concern for delivery partners. Not only do their wages not justify the labor they have to put into carrying these things, but the reception they get from the customers is also oftentimes downright horrible. Jennifer Monique, who goes by @jennifermonique365 on TikTok, shared the three items that she hates to hand over to customers as an Amazon delivery partner.

Image Source: TikTok/@jennifermonique365
Image Source: TikTok/@jennifermonique365

In the video, Jennifer lists the things that she wishes people would stop ordering from Amazon. In her opinion, there is no logic to buying these items online and it becomes a task to handle the delivery of those things. The first one is "cat litter." The customers order huge quantities of cat litter, which they expect the partners to carry into the home. It is not a part of their job description, but they are still expected by the customers to do so in fear of bad reviews. It also makes no sense, as for a single cat, the litter most of the time proves to be too much, leading to unnecessary waste.

Image Source:
Image Source: TikTok/@jennifermonique365

The next one is "dog food." She explained, "Some of these dog foods, like 80 pounds. What size dogs do y'all have in your house? Why is the dog food and the kitty litter so heavy?" It makes no sense that pet parents are ordering so much food for a single dog. Moreover, they also don't lend a helping hand or a warm reception to the person who brings them to their homes. Express reported that a survey by law firm Leigh Day shared how work conditions are steadily becoming unbearable for Amazon delivery partners because of unrealistic expectations. There are so many deliveries that they cannot take a break. Within such a hectic schedule, being subjected to carrying such a heavy load, which will anyway go to waste, is disheartening.

The last one she wanted to bring attention to was "bottled water." Water that is easily available anywhere in the city is a consumable commodity on the site and has a ton of customers as well. This screams bonkers to Jennifer. They are so heavy and become a huge hindrance to the drivers as they have to make a thousand stops. She asks people to become a little more functional and stop depending so much on shopping sites. She finished with, "Y'all don't wanna go out for s**t and do s**t, but sit at home and order."

Cover Image Source: TikTok/@citygirlbry
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@citygirlbry
Image Source: TikTok/@c122028
Image Source: TikTok/@c122028

The comments section was shocked to hear the list. @djpadon was on her side and commented, "I support you 100%." @user5353523923231 wrote why some people prefer the route of online shopping so often, "My dad is one of those people and is so thankful for you. He is older and can’t lift things."

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 8, 2024. It has since been updated.

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