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Amazon delivery driver lauded for heroically warning woman why her new home is 'unsafe'

Kelsey is a prevention educator and is also a delivery driver for Amazon. She was delivering a package when she noticed something was off.

Amazon delivery driver lauded for heroically warning woman why her new home is 'unsafe'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @_jesshopehuse

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on June 6, 2022. It has since been updated.

A woman who had just moved into her new house was warned about safety issues by a kind delivery woman. Jessica Huseman (@_jesshopehuse) posted a video of her door cam footage of the delivery person giving her some useful tips to help ease safety issues during a crisis. The video shows the Amazon delivery woman, Kelsey, walking up to the house with a package. She's in a good mood and singing into the camera. "Hello Jennifer, I hope your Monday's going well," she sings with infectious energy. She then turns serious and tells the homeowner that she ought to put up house numbers, for use during an emergency, reported Comicsands. The video performed well on TikTok, garnering more than 4.8 million views and 1.2 million likes.


"You have no markers on your house that says what number you are," she said into the camera after dropping off the package. "And that is hard to find your house my dude and it's unsafe, honestly." She then went on to explain why it was unsafe not to have your house marked. "What if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn't know your town well, come on," she said before signing off, "Have a great day!"

House number three - stock photo/Getty Images

Jessica was thankful for the advice and took it on board. "We just moved in and this happened today…she’s not wrong though. Guess I need to get some house numbers," she captioned the video. Many lauded the delivery woman's efforts to help Jessica out. "Honestly, give them a raise. That’s awesome vibes right there," wrote one person. "I love an Amazon delivery baddie in a crop top and a vest 🥰😅," added another. "I want to be friends with her she’s awesome," commented another. One person who said they worked with emergency medical services pointed out that the delivery woman's advice could be life-saving during an emergency. "As someone who works in ems, I can verify house numbers are necessary! BUT ALSO MAKE SURE THEY ARE EASILY VISIBLE FROM THE STREET AT NIGHT," they wrote. A firefighter also agreed. "I’m a firefighter and the best thing to use is something reflective. Very useful, especially at night," they said. 


"She's awesome and kudos to Jessica for taking it in the spirit it was intended. People including me get offended so easily 🥰🥰," they wrote. Jessica also explained that the package was meant for the old house owner, Jennifer, explaining the mix-up of names, but she knew she had to get house markers as the delivery woman had suggested. A few took a pop at the delivery woman's attire, claiming it was inappropriate for work, but Jessica wasn't having it. She backed the delivery woman and said it shouldn't matter what she was wearing because she was great at a work and giving handy advice as well. 

house number 16 - stock photo/Getty Images

Kelsey started her own TikTok account (@queenofconsent) after the video posted by Jessica went viral. Having read some of the comments on her attire, she responded by saying that she only considered shoes to be an integral part of her attire. Kelsey revealed she's also a Prevention Educator and delivery driver for Amazon. She also has a Master's in Education. "I’ve never wanted to be someone’s friend this quickly in my life," someone commented on her first video. "I love your vibe and it’s been 3 seconds 🥰," added another. 

You can follow Jessica Huseman (@_jesshopehuse) on TikTok for more lifestyle content.

Also, you can follow Kelsey (@queenofconsent) on TikTok for prevention educational videos.

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