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All employees at a pizza place are quitting their jobs after abusive manager steals their tips

One of the employees said there were red flags from the start and they decided to call it quits after he stole their tips.

All employees at a pizza place are quitting their jobs after abusive manager steals their tips
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It's never easy to work with an abusive boss, but it's all the worse to work with someone who steals your money. One person who found themselves in such a situation shared their story on Reddit where it went viral. They worked as a server at a pizza place in Washington and said their boss actually took tips that were meant for them. After repeatedly stealing from their tips, they decided enough was enough. The employee said the boss had been abusive from the beginning and his treatment of employees was a breaking point for many of them.  

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"I recently started work at a pizza place in Washington state. I should’ve known my interview was a red flag when the entire time my manager talked about his medical issues. A delivery driver ended up quitting a few weeks after I started because of the verbal degradation our manager was giving him. 'This boy went to college but is too f*cking d*mb to remember what’s garlic butter’ type of stuff." The employee revealed that the boss had a habit of mocking everyone who walked into the shop. "He verbally insults everyone that walks into the shop to or behind their face," they wrote. 



"I should’ve left then but I stayed," they said, adding that getting paid 30 cents more than minimum wage felt like a bonus. But by January, even that was taken away. They continued working there but then their boss started stealing tips. "I thought everything was okay until it was me and him working one night and we made over 1k in food. I received $105 worth of tips that night and my manager gave me $45 which really made me mad since he was told not to take tips by his boss," they wrote. Despite being clearly told that he was not supposed to take tips of the employees, he continued to pocket tips as and when he liked.



"My final straw was last night. From 11 am to 9 pm we made $34 in tips total. At 7 pm when my manager left, we had made $24 in tips and he decided to take $30 out of the till leaving me with a $2 tip at 9 pm," they wrote. If that wasn't enough, the boss was also accused of stealing money from the store. All of the employees decided to quit their job. "He continued to take tips when he didn’t do any work. The entire crew is quitting because of how sh*tty he treats us," they wrote. 



Reddit users called on them to quit their job and pointed out that what the boss was doing was illegal. "Report him to his boss. His boss specifically told this dude’s boss not to do it. I’d get him fired for stealing from me," wrote one user. Many urged them to report their boss to the labor department and pointed out that the labor laws in Washington clearly states that "A tip is a voluntary sum of money that a customer freely gives to an employee for services. Employers must pay all tips to employees. The employer may not take tips for company use, or to pay employee wages." The law also mentions that even in cases of Tip pools, the tips cannot include salaried managers and business owners. The employee later updated that they had quit their job. "I’ve been working since I was 14 under incredibly shitty bosses so I never realized how illegal his actions were. I’m going to call him out tonight and leave during my shift," they wrote.

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