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Aldi worker's random act of kindness moved struggling customer to tears: 'It meant the world to me'

The store assistant set an example by recognizing the customer's depressed state and extending her a much-needed favor.

Aldi worker's random act of kindness moved struggling customer to tears: 'It meant the world to me'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Jack Sparrow, Facebook | Joe Westwood

In this fast-paced world, many fail to check on their loved one's emotional well-being. So, it's rare to find people who actually recognize someone's mental state and help them accordingly. However, the internet lifts our spirits with stories of random acts of kindness giving us hope about humanity in this world. One such heartwarming story shared by Aldi UK on Facebook has been making its rounds online recently. It was the story of a store assistant's wholesome gesture to help out a grieving customer and it is something that all of us need to learn from.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project

On January 10, a woman named Joe Westwood visited her local Aldi store near Cannock, England. Having faced the recent loss of a loved one, Westwood found it quite tormenting to leave the house and go on about normally. But, little did she expect that a routine trip to the supermarket would turn out to be a heartening experience. Westwood posted on Facebook about the incident at the Aldi store writing, "The first time in 10 days I’ve been out today, 3rd time in 3 weeks ( due to illness, loneliness and grief ) and I needed some bits but as I got to the till, I realized I hadn’t picked up my card." She mentioned, "I only had change but not enough to cover it," and added that "the lovely lady" Lisa paid the rest of the amount for her.


Westwood, still in the throes of grief, pointed out that just when she found life to be "too dark, too sad and utterly exhausting," Lisa's kind gesture was a much-needed boost. "I was in a bit of a state and I didn’t want to burst into tears so I’m not sure if I even thanked her properly but honestly it meant the world to me," wrote Westwood and asked the users to thank Lisa on her behalf. "Thankfully there are still a few nice kind people left in this world. It only takes one act of kindness to help someone in need and you never know how much someone is struggling, I think this lady knew," she mentioned.


Westwood's post didn't take much longer to reach Aldi UK who then shared the story to a much wider audience on Facebook along with the picture of the kind-hearted store assistant, Lisa. People were touched by the employee's thoughtful deed and many recognized and lauded Lisa.

"I shop at Cannock regularly. This lady is always polite and so kind. If I see her on the tills I always head for her till because I know we will have a little chat as she scans my shopping. It's nice to be nice," wrote Midge Steventon. "Lisa is always so kind and helpful, takes the time to speak to everyone, and is amazing with the children at the till, taking the time to engage them so us moms can pack the shopping and be less stressful. Well done Lisa you deserve all the praise and recognition," commented Becky Glanville. "Lisa is lovely, always has a smile! We're lucky that Cannock is our local store!" wrote Heather Blackwell

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