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Man ditches his date at a restaurant after learning she was racist, asks if he was wrong

One Reddit user described a date with a racist and asked fellow users if he was the jerk for abandoning her in the restaurant.

Man ditches his date at a restaurant after learning she was racist, asks if he was wrong
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We've all probably been on a bad date before. Sometimes people just don't click with each other, and that's OK. But what do you do when you learn that the person you're on a date with doesn't share the same ethical values you care about? Well, one Reddit user was left feeling guilty after ditching his date at a restaurant when he learned she was racist. He took to the forum "Am I The A*shole?" to ask fellow users if he was in the wrong for leaving her at the restaurant with no transport. He states in his post, "I don't know what I will say if I ever meet her again."

"We met at the gym," he explains for context. "I've had a crush on her for a while and finally struck up a conversation and asked her out. I booked us at a nice Korean restaurant that has Korean BBQ stations." His date was unaware of what a Korean BBQ looked like. Once he explained how it works (that is, guests grill the meat they are served to their liking on grills placed at each table), she was taken aback. She asked why they had to do all the work the employees are typically expected to do.

He writes, "I explained to her that's what's fun about it but we could always order off of the a la carte menu if she didn't want BBQ. But she said, 'Just make them do it for us,' and insisted on calling the waitress over and asking her to put the meat on the grill and demanded to be served after it was ready. This elderly Korean lady had to shuffle between busy tables and come and flip the meat and serve our plates." At this point, he was already super embarrassed and saw a bunch of red flags. However, things took a turn for the worse.

"At the end of the meal, she asks for dessert. I agree and ask to see the menu," he continues. "The waitress comes over and hands [the menu] to her. She then waits for her to leave and says, 'My God, this place is a nightmare. All these useless immigrants come into the country, don't even work, and eat up our tax dollars. Are they even legal?' She said it loudly enough that a nearby table of people [of color] in their 20s started giving her dirty looks and whispering to each other. She notices this and goes, 'Same goes for these [slur].'" For some background, he is Indian and his date is white. Apparently, she thought he was Latino. He shared, "My jaw dropped. She saw my expression and went, 'Oh no, I don't mean Latinos, they're fine. I LOVE Mexican food.'"

Rather than continue to torture himself, the Reddit user excused himself to use the washroom and instead paid the bill (with a good tip) and walked out. "I left her there (I drove us) and went back and blocked her number," he states. "Now I'm even thinking of switching gyms but I'm just gonna go in the morning." Unsure if he did the right thing, he asked his fellow Redditors if he was the jerk in this situation. Overwhelmingly, they agreed that he was not. One person affirmed, "Not the a*shole because YIKES. Run for the hills and when you get there, don't stop running. If she asks why you ditched her, tell her you simply don't date racists." Damn straight!

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