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Airlines employee takes care of traveller's pet fish for 4 months after it wasn't allowed on flight

The Southwest Airlines employee offered to take care of the fish so that Kira wouldn't miss her flight.

Airlines employee takes care of traveller's pet fish for 4 months after it wasn't allowed on flight
Cover Image Source: Photos by Southwest Airlines

Pets are the babies we didn't know we needed, and these munchkins unfold a kind of love in your hearts only pets can. They are our biggest confidants and our best friends. That said, we all love our pets and want them to come with us everywhere we go. However, that's just not possible on some days. And that's what happened with Kira, a college student in Tampa.

Image Source: Twitter/@SouthwestAir
Image Source: Twitter/@SouthwestAir

Kira was on her way back home from her Freshman year at college in Tampa along with her beta fish, Theo. That's when she was informed that Theo wouldn't be allowed on the flight. Abandoning her lil swimmer felt too hard, but just before she could make a decision or figure something out - something wonderful and happy! 



Two Southwest customer service agents Ismael and his fiancée Jamee offered to take care of Theo in order to prevent Kira from missing her flights and getting back home. Not only did they take care of Theo, but they also did so solely out of the kindness of their hearts. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was just settling and the Airline-22 pandemic was just rising, Southwest Airlines stood out. When the internet was filled with stories of airport nightmares, Southwest Air took it upon itself to share this heartwarming story on Twitter.

The tweet talks about how Kira (fish momma) got in touch with Ismael (the fish caretaker) to ask if he needed to know something in order to take care of Theo. Southwest Air undoubtedly flaunted and took pride in the kindness of their agents, who also got him a new tank to swim in.



Ismael and Jamee unconditionally and selflessly took care of Theo over the summer for four months, until he was finally reunited with Kira when she returned to Tampa. Kira was utterly grateful for what the couple did for her lil' Theo, and as a means to thank the couple for their ingenuity, got them a gift card before hopping off to Sophomore year - Theo in hand!

Image Source: Twitter/@SouthwestAir
Image Source: Twitter/@SouthwestAir


In a world where kindness is conditional and every good act roots in ulterior motives - Ismael and Jamee have been commendable. These four months of kindness got Ismael and Jamee a lifetime of good wishes and love from people all over the world. The tweets by Southwest Airlines got heartwarming reactions from other airlines and users. "This is o-fish-ally the most wholesome thing we've seen all day. So glad everything went swimmingly and they were all able to reunite!" tweeted @MCO and @MoSongstress wrote: "You guys are cool. I love to hear stories like this." @Fish_Feel came up with a suggestion: "It was very good of the agents to have done that. Kira should get Theo an actual tank instead of a bowl, the latter being a very problematic container for a fish. Hopefully, she will be more responsible about caring for Theo in the future." 

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