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Airbnb host's strange message about 'Kevin' stuns guest before amusing them with hilarious twist

The Airbnb guest was initially in utter shock upon seeing the weird text from the host but soon a hilarious revelation came their way.

Airbnb host's strange message about 'Kevin' stuns guest before amusing them with hilarious twist
Cover Image Source: X | @decentbirthday

While traveling to a new place is an exciting experience in itself, some people return with unique and interesting stories about their visits. Especially in the case of those choosing Airbnb for their stay, they chance meeting different kinds of hosts—hostile, over-friendly or sometimes hilarious. Palmer Ward–who goes by @decentbirthday on X–a creative coordinator and writer known for sharing amusing posts, had one such amusingly weird experience with their Airbnb host. In their 2019 post, Ward shared the text exchange with their Airbnb host, which was terrifying at first glance but later took a hilarious turn.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The Airbnb host wanted to warn their guest of a possible intruder. "I apologize in advance, but Kevin may try to sleep with you. Just keep your door shut," the text read. Anyone who receives this kind of text might surely be spooked by Kevin and so was Ward. "Excuse me, what?" they replied to the host. The host then clarified that Kevin was their dog and so they wanted to warn their guest that he might intrude. "The owner of my Airbnb has a dog named Kevin. His human-sounding name terrified me at first," Ward wrote in the caption. Many in the comments were amused by this funny twist and some pet parents with dogs named Kevin could relate to this perspective.


"Your next response, 'Yeah, you probably should have led with the last part,'" said @NoNoNolanHughes. "That went from horrifying to unexpected perk rather quickly," quipped @xtorol. "This is exactly how I felt when my neighbor told me Karen would need to be looked after as well when she was away. And I'm like, 'Why can't Karen take care of herself?!' Karen is an obese cat," chimed in @vellichor97. "The Airbnb owner knew exactly what he was doing," joked @BenAylett.



Speaking of amusing Airbnb experiences, an American Airbnb comes with an 8-year-old cat acting as a guide. The cat named Cinamen is known for guiding guests on a hike along the Appalachian Trail. Sebastian Cocioba (@ATinyGreenCell) shared on X about the furry companion's guided tours during his stay by the Appalachian Trail. "Went with my partner upstate and the Airbnb host's cat took us for a guided hike along the Appalachian Trail. Apparently, this is what she does with every guest," the X post read. "She would complain when we took a wrong turn off the trail and knew the way back. Amazing cat. Would apocalypse with," added Cocioba. 


Trisha Mulligan, Cinamen's pet parent, has been offering a sweet yet thrilling experience for their guests with the feline's guided hikes. Turns out, Cinamen had a great experience maneuvering the guests through the right path as he was quite familiar with the trail, reports Backpacker. "I call him the concierge because he just loves people. You know, each color, they have different personalities. And there's something about an orange cat that's very social, and we have a very social cat," said Mulligan. Growing up as an outdoor cat, Cinamen often spent time with Mulligan in the woods and so he knew how to help guests not get lost during their hikes.

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