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Pilot turns wingman as he helps air traffic controller propose to his girlfriend on the plane

"Everybody’s jumping up and down – and she said yes," the pilot informed the ATC in the now viral video.

Pilot turns wingman as he helps air traffic controller propose to his girlfriend on the plane
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/screenshotofdispair

Proposing to your partner is a great and emotional moment for anyone. While some try to propose in private, some go all the way to propose in the most unique way possible. An air traffic controller found the absolute best way to propose to his girlfriend. In a video posted on Reddit by u/screenshotofdispair, the controller can be heard having a conversation with the pilot of an airplane that his girlfriend was on, a Montreal-Vancouver Air Canada flight approaching Vancouver, per Montreal Gazette

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


He says, "My girlfriend is on that plane. I was gonna propose to her while you were in the air but I chickened out." The pilot replied, "Ah come on, that’s bad. That’s really, really bad. Give us her name and we’re going to tell her that." The ATC asked if it was too late and the pilot said, "Not too late. Not too late for anything," and he then asked him to speak to everyone on the plane. The controller begins, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm your air traffic controller speaking to you. The reason I'm speaking to you is because there's a very special lady on your flight this evening. Her name is Christine Waters." 

He then goes ahead to speak with his girlfriend, "Christine, I’m crazy in love with you, can’t imagine my life without you. You can’t see me right now but I’m down on one knee. I have a ring in my hand. Christine, will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?" The entire plane was excited to hear this and the pilot told the ATC, "Everybody’s jumping up and down – and she said yes. Nicely done, by the way. Very, very nice." The incident actually happened in 2009 but it has gone viral on the internet only now. 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


The video is extremely adorable and people are loving this unique proposal. "I love it but I'd love to see some phone footage of what happened inside the plane too," Reddit user u/Icy_Law9181. Another person @Certain_Suit_1905, "Actually made me cry, the shakiness in his voice, I feel it so deeply. Happy for him." 

In another beautiful proposal story, a man can be seen blowing out his 30th birthday candles in one such Tiktok video as attendees chant, "Happy Birthday." He has a blood clot, his girlfriend Sarah Ann is making fun of him. After which he starts speaking, "Usually I give a yearly speech, I'll keep this really short and sweet. I did wish for something I hope it becomes true." He turns to Sarah and says, "Where is it?" and then takes out the ring from his pocket Sarah can't believe her eyes and shouts repeatedly, "This is not real! This is not real!"  

She then sobs while saying the same thing. Finally, she responds, "Yes! I'll," while placing the ring on her finger. The video went viral on TikTok with people applauding the man for coming up with such a special surprise. His birthday means more to the couple now. 


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