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AI was asked what dreams actually look like and the results have shocked everyone

A person asked AI to make a visual of what a dream looks like and people are quite intrigued by the results

AI was asked what dreams actually look like and the results have shocked everyone
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Brain Boost

Dreams are often surreal, with scenes that shift rapidly and morph unpredictably. Before you know it, you are awake, with a lot of it forgotten already. Leveraging AI technology that can generate any visual imaginable, YouTube creator Brain Boost explored how AI might depict a dream. The outcome is both vivid and terrifying. In the dream, a house sits in darkness, surrounded by what appears to be water. Initially, flashes of light reveal themselves as water splashing against the house. The house is now in the middle of the water and giant fishes of all colors are flying around it.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Luis Quintero
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Luis Quintero

The fishes then transform into giant planes, and the house disappears—perhaps submerged or simply replaced by a new scene. One can not tell as the dream moves quite rapidly. Smoke enveloping the planes creates an atmosphere of emergency in the dream. The planes crash on the water's surface and then turn into fish and sea life all over again. Soon, the dream shifts underwater, creating a scene reminiscent of scuba diving. Suddenly, the house reappears once again, trying to stay afloat. The surroundings have gotten brighter, making it look like dawn.


SpaceXplorer—who goes by @_ecsb_ on TikTok—reposted the video on the platform. The video garnered over 255,000 likes and received more than 5,000 comments. A TikTok user wrote, "Anyone else's dreams have their own lore. Like stuff will happen in a dream and a month later, I'll remember that dream in another dream and reference." @thatboyefz0 commented, "My dreams are worse than this. I literally packed my car inside my ear and it made sense in the dream." @dadufd expressed, "This dream represents pure panic, not being able to find confront anywhere and you're basically being attacked by all sides, water in dreams mostly. Represent how calm you are and the falling objects from the sky might be overwhelming daily life. If y'all have any dreams y'all wanna share and get feedback, I love to listen to them."

@_ecsb_ asking Ai what dreams feel like . . . . . . My Ig (spaceXplorer2023) . . Hashtags #dream #AI #weird #feelings #fy #viral #SpaceXplorer #_ecsb_ ♬ оригинальный звук - тг: забытый день


In another story, a child with autism made his dream come true when he built a Titanic sculpture with Legos. Brynjar Karl Birgisson of Reykjavik, Iceland, had dreamt of building a life-size Lego sculpture since he saw one when he was six or seven years old, reported CNN. When he saw the model, the kid started brainstorming ideas on what model to take. He eventually zeroed down on a Titanic model and started building one when he was only 10 years old. It took the boy eleven months and around 700 hours to accomplish what he had set out for.


The replica is 26 feet long, 5 feet tall and built with 56,000 Lego bricks, per the outlet. "I sometimes built from instructions, and sometimes, I used my imagination," the boy shared. "When I traveled with my mom to Legoland in Denmark and saw for the first time all the amazing big models of famous houses and planes, locations and ships, I probably then started to think about making my own Lego model. By the time I was 10, I started to think about building the Lego Titanic model in a Lego man size," Brynjar added.


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