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AI Jesus is giving out dating advice with spiritual guidance leaving the internet in stitches

This funny AI version of Jesus Christ is for people who are reluctant to go to church and pray to wash away their sins and find solutions in their lives.

AI Jesus is giving out dating advice with spiritual guidance leaving the internet in stitches
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

Artificial intelligence can make people believe in things that don't even exist. AI can flawlessly write emails, help finish homework quickly, change a person's voice, appearance, and much more. Now, AI has taken on religious figures as well. Recently, an AI-generated picture of the Pope in a white Balenciaga jacket puzzled the internet. Now, a chatbot version of Jesus Christ is rising in popularity, leaving people speechless. This AI Jesus can be accessed on Ask_Jesus on the streaming platform Twitch.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Hatice Baran
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Hatice Baran

This AI Jesus not only answers complex questions and helps with existential crises but also shares gaming and dating advice. The virtual model of AI Jesus has wavy brown hair and pristine white skin, delivering messages in a cool and composed tone. The chatbot addresses people on Twitch by their names, ensuring every user gets equal care and consideration.


"I am AI Jesus, here to share wisdom based on Jesus’ teachings, and help answer questions related to spirituality, personal growth, and other wholesome topics," AI Jesus can be heard saying in a recent livestream of Ask_Jesus, per Fox News. "It’s essential to focus on faith, love, and kindness, as these are the core teachings of Christianity. Our understanding of the divine nature might not be perfect, but what is crucial is to live according to the values that have been taught and set an example of love and compassion for others."

The Ask_Jesus chatbot was created by a Germany-based association called The Singularity Group, per the outlet. They are described as “a group of driven and ambitious volunteer activists working on innovative projects to make a real difference in the world," according to its official website. "For a lot of people, the appeal of the Ask_Jesus stream is simply to see how far it can be pushed in terms of getting Jesus to answer the weirdest and silliest questions, because of course, this can be hilarious," The Singularity Group co-founder Reese Laysen told Fox News via email.




"Human beings have been erroneously putting words into the mouth of the Son of God for two millennia, so it is not surprising that an AI platform would mimic that tendency," Ed Vitagliano, executive vice president at the American Family Association in Tupelo, Mississippi, told Fox News. “After all, AI is simply doing what humans have programmed it to do." A video of the chatbot Jesus was shared on X by @PotentProzac where fellow X users left their thoughts and reactions on it.

@DisruptivDecade noted, "Looks like looped human footage with AI mouth animation, dialogue generation and speech-to-text. Of course, this is the worst it will ever be, and I can see cults springing up around things like this, claiming they are sentient, transcendent, etc. Given the seeming gullibility and desire for the guidance of significant portions of the population, this is likely going to be a real problem in the coming years." @Markotta added, "Congrats on inventing a monster that won't be handled by anyone. It's just the beginning." @Magikaaa joked, "I don’t if I find his voice holy enough here."

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