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AI created moving versions of popular memes and the thrilling results have people mind-boggled

An AI software was used to add motion to several renowned memes but the results went terribly wrong and it's an absurd sight.

AI created moving versions of popular memes and the thrilling results have people mind-boggled
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| Ketut Subiyanto; X | @hey_madni

The world of memes has enhanced reality with a comical touch. Several memes have become the staple means of communication for many. Though taken from vivid scenarios, the mere pause and capturing of a particular moment becomes a laugh-worthy factor. However, if one were to imagine some of these memes in a state of motion, it would be more than just humor. A content creator, Madni Aghadi (@hey_madni on X), dived into the world of memes and brought out a rather thrilling perspective with the help of AI. The young man shared a compilation of AI generated moving versions of a few popular memes and it has people freaked out on a whole other level. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Shvets

“Dream Machine by Luma AI is just three days old. Now memes are becoming videos,” he wrote in his caption before sharing eerie examples. The first one was of a man staring at another woman while his partner looked at him disgusted. While an ironic depiction of men and their hysterical personalities, the moving version is quite weird. The AI-created moving version shows the man moving from a stare to giving absurd expressions and even following the woman. Not so funny now, is it? The next meme was even more baffling. 


The “disaster girl” staring into the screen while a flaming house and firefighters are seen in the background has been relatable to many. Many associate the meme with “flaming” situations or mistakes they get through with a smile, similar to the girl. However, in the moving version, the girl is seen eerily smiling while firefighters are serious and trying hard to stop the fire. They even walk out in a serious discussion while the girl is still smiling. That’s grounds for a thriller or horror movie. One of the other striking memes consists of none other than the prominent Mark Zuckerberg.


The added motion made the meme worrisome. The moving version has Zuckerberg staring into the door and then turning around and waiting impatiently. Other memes included “side-eyeing Chloe,” “The Success kid,” “Gigachad” and several others. It is a question as to why AI produced such shocking versions of memes that are otherwise light-hearted and hilarious.


While some memes were bland and a few had a humorous touch, most moving versions completely cut off the fun perspective the memes were originally designed to provide. Many people weren’t on board with the results. Several people commented, absolutely mind-boggled by the outcomes. @Aerithreborn wrote, “Nah, this looks awful.” @Khaled74 exclaimed, “What is the point of this? How does this help or even entertain us in any way?” @Ms5000Watts remarked, “Oh, fantastic! Nightmares are real.” @AliSangius wrote, “These look like uncanny valley trash.” @lioloc_dev said, “Am I the only one who is not impressed?”




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