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After three long years, a lost dog was finally reunited with her family: 'Microchips save lives'

A nonprofit organization that helped the family is urging everyone to microchip and register their fur babies.

After three long years, a lost dog was finally reunited with her family: 'Microchips save lives'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Friends of the Animal Village

Back in July 2020, a Texas family was left heartbroken when their pups Jack and Jill managed to wrangle their way from the family’s fenced-in backyard in Little Rock, Arkansas. Rex and Britnee Smith, who also had a 5-year-old daughter at the time, put up fliers everywhere and knocked on doors to get any information on their lost pitbulls but sadly they had no luck at the time. Over time they ended up moving 300 miles away to McKinney, Texas and still had no idea where their fur babies were.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Airam Dato-on
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Airam Dato-on


That is until three years later, the family received a surprise when they found out one of their pets was recently found safe and sound. "I didn't think our dogs would ever come back because they're such great dogs and I know no one would ever just turn them in or take them to the vet," Britnee shared according to USA Today. The family was contacted by Little Rock Animal Village who informed them that Jill was found alive and credited them for deciding to place a microchip in her.

Image Source: Facebook/ Friends of the Animal Village
Image Source: Facebook/ Photos by Friends of the Animal Village

In a July Facebook post, they wrote, "Friends of the Animal Village, If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times… microchips save lives!!! This family just drove all the way from Texas to be reunited with their beloved Jill at the Little Rock Animal Village. Jill went missing two years ago. This reunion would not have happened had she not been microchipped. They were overjoyed when they got the phone call yesterday afternoon. We love a happy ending. Microchips make them possible. Please microchip your pets! And be sure to register them!!" The nonprofit noted that donations “for the price of a cup of coffee” could save so many lives by helping others get the procedure for their pets. 



Britnee was initially worried that Jill had forgotten them and was nervous to pick her up but Jill surprised her. "It's like she never left us," Britnee said "We picked up right off when she left three years ago. She came right into our arms." Unbelievably she had been found just a few blocks away from their old house. The family wonder what happened for all of those years after Jill disappeared. "We wish she could talk," Rex said. "We have so many questions and we just want to ask her 'Take us from the beginning, what happened?'" The sweet pooch was overall healthy but had suffered some scratches and scrapes. The family took her to a day of pampering at the dog spa where she was groomed and had her teeth cleaned. "We found our family member," Rex added, sharing that Jill loves taking naps with their daughter.  They admitted that their daughter's reaction to being reunited with Jill was indescribable. Now the family is hoping Jack finds his way back to them. 


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