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After employee's passing, workplace's insensitive announcement leaves people on the internet stunned

The company's response after the death of one of their employees is a reminder 'to not overdo it for a job.'

After employee's passing, workplace's insensitive announcement leaves people on the internet stunned
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Khwanchai Phanthong

Some companies place too much importance on getting things done in order to achieve targets and forget that the people working for them are just human beings. At such places, if anything happens to a worker, the employers are least bothered. The situation has turned so bad that a company ended up treating their worker's passing as a light matter. A man, who goes by @captainhowdylife on TikTok, shared a post where he shockingly revealed how his company took a highly insensitive and unprofessional approach after one of his coworkers passed away. 

Image Source: TikTok | @captianhowdylife
Image Source: TikTok | @captianhowdylife

The post that contains two images has 1.3 million views and 1,095 comments on the social media platform. In the first slide, the man looks into the camera with a blank expression and the text overlay reads, "Thinking about the time my coworker literally died and they put it in the meeting agenda." The second slide contains a picture of what seems to be a presentation slide from 2021, with meeting agendas listed on it. Viewers can see the first entry with the late employee's name. A bullet point under that mentions that he passed away last weekend. 

It contains a bit more information that mostly guides other workers about how the deceased employee's work will be taken over. The man sarcastically wrote in the caption, "Let's take a moment of silence (to think about how we're gonna make our sales quota this quarter)." People who saw the post were quite taken aback to see the way the company acknowledged a worker's death in such a casual manner on a group level. @lizziegene2010 shared, "My coworker passed last week and they announced his replacement in the email about his passing." @itskellyfox commented, "The way the corporate world handles people passing away shocks me to my core." 


Image Source: TikTok | @careercoachmandy
Image Source: TikTok | @careercoachmandy
Image Source: TikTok | @w33rda
Image Source: TikTok | @w33rda

@viv.marquez said, "One time, I had a coworker who suddenly passed away and they didn't tell me. I was complaining about why he wasn't in a meeting. I was so upset for so long that they didn't even bother to send an email." @sorana1..1 expressed, "If that doesn't pivot your life as a person, I don't know what would." @careercoachmandy added, "The fact that it's in a bullet point." @frannegron shared, "Remember not to overdo it for a job," and @phantumkai chimed in, "Weekly reminder this can and will be you so do the bare minimum...always."

A coworker passing away can also be a poignant reminder that life has much more to it than climbing the corporate ladder. A man on TikTok, who goes by @logfather1, shared an insightful video where he gave out some life advice to people after his coworker passed away. He stated, "Her desk was cleared out by the end of the week." It turned out that the woman had accumulated a lot of paid leave but never used it because of the work. She also had been putting money into a pension, thinking she would use it later.

He then said, "Here's your friendly reminder. Live life. Because one day it will be gone." People who watched the video found it very useful and shared their opinions in the comments section. @coastdiy said, "Both my parents died young. 49 and 53. I'm now 53. I'm on borrowed time and quit my corporate job. I design craft kits in my recliner with my dogs." @ashes.remian4 commented, "Lost a coworker a few months ago. Still haunts me today thinking of how dedicated they were to a job that would have replaced them in a heartbeat."

You can follow the man (@captainhowdylife) on his TikTok page for more lifestyle content. 

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