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Man bonds with his severely autistic brother through music and it's so beautiful

The brother, who is non-verbal, can be seen expressing his joy and excitement through facial expressions.

Man bonds with his severely autistic brother through music and it's so beautiful
Image Source: TikTok/footmouth

People with autism face several challenges throughout their lives in everyday tasks which any neurotypical can do easily. However, with persistent support, love and care, autistic individuals can live their life in the best way possible. Such a display of care and affection was seen when TikTok user, @footmouth, played piano for his autistic brother. He caught this sweet moment on camera and it went viral on the social media platform.

Image Source: TikTok/footmouth
Image Source: TikTok/@footmouth


The man, Maikob, added in the caption, "My brother is nonverbal so he struggles to communicate, but it's easy to tell when he's having fun." The video shows his brother's sweet reaction to Maikob playing piano and he gets excited right from the very second. He keeps looking toward his autistic brother while playing, and the brother laughs, smiles and expresses his joy in a myriad of ways. This beautiful moment between the siblings is extremely magical to witness and it is being widely applauded. The video has gathered over 3.5 million views and almost half a million likes.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


Several TikTok users identified the song he was playing, revealing it to be Clair de lune by Claude Debussy. TikTok user, @queen.lysss, commented, "Clair de lune is my fav! You played it beautifully." Another person, @bretakabard, said, "man played the two best piano pieces, clair de lune and mia and seb's theme." A third TikTok user, @hannah.grace.a, said, "The way he searches for your eye contact. I simply cannot do this tonight." 

Many others noted that this video portrays the beauty of their bond, "You’re such a sweet brother to him, he loves the music," TikTok user @user4893829176257 commented. Another person, @beanwizardofficial, said, "This made my heart so happy I love the way he looks at you." This adorable video was also posted on Reddit by u/TwistedLittleSoul and has gathered over 2.5k upvotes in just under 14 hours. 



Reddit user, u/notanotheramber, commented, "The joy is so real, the engaging eye contact, the vibing. I cried. My beautiful and smart daughter is nonverbal autistic and an absolute joy and pleasure." Another person, u/kiloheavy, said, "This is beautiful. I'm a former teacher who has worked with ASD children, including some who were nonverbal. Being able to reach them was very challenging but always rewarding. Seeing your brother's face light up like this is an extraordinary privilege and reminds me of my greatest successes with those wonderful kids." A third person, u/Ampharuss, went ahead and shared, "Oh dude, what an amazing brother, you can feel his love for you pouring out of the screen. Beautiful video and has given me a fantastic start to my day. Thank you for this, I needed this." 

"That's really beautiful. I have a younger disabled sister (quadriplegic cerebral palsy), when you play classical music, she goes from being uncomfortable and fidgety, to being in a trance and smiling.... it really is an unfiltered response to the beauty of music," shared another Reddit user, @SomeOneRandomOP. Reddit user, @daltze, commented, "The absolute engagement with you and desire for your eye contact is what blows me away about this video. This is so special!"

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