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Adorable toddler thinking he's nailed the jumping game is as hilariously cute as it gets

Despite the dad's best attempt to demonstrate how jumping works, the little one seems to have missed a crucial element of the lesson.

Adorable toddler thinking he's nailed the jumping game is as hilariously cute as it gets
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @gisellesanford_

Kids are the cutest little beings who possess the ability to make people laugh even with their subtlest actions or sounds. That's exactly what young Luca did when his dad tried to teach him how to jump. The adorable toddler's mom, Giselle Sanford posted a hilarious video of the lesson on Instagram with the text overlay: "We didn't realize how hard it would be to teach our son how to jump."

Image Source: Instagram | @gisellesanford_
Image Source: Instagram | @gisellesanford_

In the video, Luca's dad can be seen jumping on the carpet in front of the 14-month-old, hoping that his demonstration would inspire the youngster to imitate him. However, it doesn't exactly go according to plan. While his dad lifts off the ground every time he jumps, little Luca simply bends his knees before losing balance and falling. The toddler's enthusiastic attempt leaves his parents laughing over their little bundle of joy. Despite his failed attempt, Luca doesn't see it that way and when his mom asks him to jump again, he takes a few wobbly steps before doing the same motion again.

This prompts his dad to laugh hysterically before once again demonstrating how an actual jump works. While most of us seem to believe a jump requires a person to be airborne for at least a second, baby Luca doesn't appear to be too hung up on this tiny detail. He continues performing his cute little squats when asked to jump and seems perfectly content with his version. While the little one might need a little more time to master the traditional jump, he is an expert when it comes to stomping his feet and spinning around. "He's a spin master," a text overlay on the video reads.

Image Source: Instagram | @gisellesanford_
Image Source: Instagram | @gisellesanford_

The video gained 9.4 million views and is captioned, "Stop he really thinks he can jump." @silviaa_ruiz wrote, "He's so excited he learned something new." @noah_yagmi shared, "Super funny and all but when he fell down and got up, he had the perfect sumo squat stance to get up, pretty wild." @chrisy_girl expressed, "My 20-month-old son does this weird jump off the coffee table where he holds a running man pose mid-air. He says 'Jump, jump' and gets into position with the pose. You’d better be ready to catch him!" @noziegwili said, "When he starts, it's so hilarious how they want to keep doing it everywhere you go." 

Image Source: Instagram | @gisellesanford_
Image Source: Instagram | @gisellesanford_


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In a similar story, a baby who staged a fall on the floor to get her mom's attention captured the attention of many online. A video of the little poser was shared on TikTok by the mom (@therealgmachronicles) with the text overlay: "Acting 101. Take 2. If your initial fall isn't dramatic enough then keep falling until you tragically hit your head." In the clip, the young girl dramatically flops on the floor when she misses grabbing a ball tossed toward her. Her mom plays along perfectly and reacts with a mock exclamation. 

However, the little actress wasn't satisfied with the attention she got from her mom and proceeded to take it up a notch by rolling on the floor and pretending to hit her head on the leg of a chair. Folks on the social media platform were thrilled to see the child in action. @aldous.fuxley joked, "Oh no not a head injury! Baby girl just kept going and going and going and going." @benriverstick wrote, "Where is her Oscar?"

You can follow Giselle (@gisellesanford_) on Instagram for more toddler and mom content. For more of the young lady with the acting chops, check out @therealgmachronicles on TikTok.

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