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Adorable toddler sticks up for her mom at home and doles out financial advice to her elder brothers

The little girl tells her brothers to not eat regularly from Mcdonald's as her mother hasn't been paid yet.

Adorable toddler sticks up for her mom at home and doles out financial advice to her elder brothers
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @mindyour

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 20, 2023. It has since been updated.

Kids sometimes speak the truth in the simplest way possible. They do not know how to mince words and that's the best part about them. In a video uploaded on Reddit, a child had an important point to make to her brother who wanted to eat at McDonald's. She says to him, “Why do you want McDonald’s when she didn’t even get paid yet?” He responds, "Ya I want. I was gonna starve." She straight away tells him, "Starve on that's what you can do and that's what you can do." He says, "You starve on." She gets upset and tells him in an angry tone, "Because my ma doesn't have the money yet." Her expressions are just like an adult in the video and it's hilarious to watch it. The video has about 55,000 upvotes and is captioned, "Sticking up for her mum because she hasn't been paid yet."

Reddit | @u/mindyour
Reddit | @u/mindyour


Many on Reddit became a fan of the little girl's expressions and dialogues. @u/idle-no-more wrote, “Starve on. Brilliant.” @u/est1-9-8-4 said, “Just love how little people are so articulate.” @mrmoe198 wrote, “Jesus Christ, she’s brilliant. Making those sorts of connections at that age, protect her. A born leader. Also, this is definitely giving me some devil's advocate material for when others doubt it people say that their kid said some amazing stuff. To a reasonable point, of course.” @u/Employee_Known wrote, “This little angel won't have many troubles in her life, with her capacity of understanding at this young age she'll be making a difference one day. :)”

Reddit | @u/mindyour
Reddit | @u/mindyour


Another hilarious video of a "sassy" girl made rounds on the internet. In the video, Maddy's father tells her that she will change the world one day. "No, I won't...I'm evil," responds Maddy, who doesn't seem very happy about the statement. "I'll make everybody witches and bats and vampires," Maddy continued. The mother asks Maddy if she'll make everyone "sassy" like her, and Maddy responds, "Yeah," with a somewhat sinister smile. However, Maddy abruptly gives up her character and tells her parents that she is joking and says, "I won't do that... I would never do that."

Reddit | @mindyour
Reddit | @mindyour


Maddy's father Mark Cortez said, "Maddy has always been a very outgoing, outspoken, sassy, and silly child. She started speaking very early on and ever since she was able to form words and sentences she has made us laugh and kept us entertained at the silly things that come out of her mouth.” Cortez added, “Also, she absolutely loves to sing. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t sing a song that she made up,” as reported by Yahoo News.

People on Reddit were entertained by Maddy's demeanor. AllergicToStabWounds sarcastically commented, "I would never do that. . . But I remember that I could." Another user commented, in agreement, "That sassy head bob and 'yeah!' is everything." User @seriouslystopplease commented, "She's adorable." User Geriatricknight shared, "Kids that make you actually want to have kids."

Another user @/pelonweon commented, "This little girl has personality extra more than most adults," while user ZoeTran74 agreed, and commented, "Oh my goodness girl! She's so awesome! Just watching this video for a few seconds, I realize she's got more personality than all the adults I've met in all of my 47 years." 


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