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Adorable little girl tells parents school is 'too much' for her and we can totally relate

When her mother asked the little one if she's tired, the girl responded, 'Yeah.'

Adorable little girl tells parents school is 'too much' for her and we can totally relate
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @u/mindyour

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 2, 2022. It has since been updated.

School is a fun time for many kids, meeting friends, sharing food and playing together. But it could get overwhelming too. It turned out to be a little too much for one little girl and she did not shy away from expressing it. In a video shared on Reddit, the child can be seen taking a moment to herself in the car and telling her mother: "I done so much at school that I just need to take a second."

When her mother checks on her and asks, "Are you tired?" the girl replies that she is. When asked, "What did you do at school?" the little one responds: "I just do too much at school." Then she comes towards the front of the car, elaborating on what she did at school. "Like... I go to lunch... it's a lot for me," she informed her mom.

People on the internet could resonate with what the child was feeling. A user said, "I feel you kid. It’s week 14 in my first semester of college."  Another wrote, "My daughter had a similar meltdown when she went from half days to full days. It seems silly but it probably is overwhelming. I remember the days of watching the clock so I could get out of there. Poor girl, she only has ~ 15 more years of it." Another said, "Remembering myself at school) all the problems at lunch, there were problems equivalent to flying to the moon or conquering Everest! Remember yourself in her place!))."

Reddit | @mindyour
Reddit | @mindyour

However, some were completely distracted by the white car seat in the video. A user said, "Thank you, I was completely distracted by the white car seat and couldn't even watch the video. My kid's car seats are both dark gray and have food bits, stains, and sticky stuff all over them, how is this so pristine." Another said, "This is all I could think of too! How is it still so white!?" Another user wrote, "type that doesn’t do food on the car, only does apple juice and water, and knows how to use a washing machine."

Reddit | @mindyour
Reddit | @mindyour

In another video of a little girl named Maddy, her father tells her that she will change the world one day.  "No, I won't... I'm evil," replies Maddy, who doesn't seem to care much about her father's statement. "I'll make everybody witches and bats and vampires," she added. When asked if she'll make everyone "sassy" like her, Maddy responds, "Yeah," with a smile. However, she quickly comes out of character and says, "I won't do that... I would never do that."

Mark Cortez, the girl's father said that she has "always been a very outgoing, outspoken, sassy and silly child. She started speaking very early on and ever since she was able to form words and sentences she has made us laugh and kept us entertained at the silly things that come out of her mouth. Also, she absolutely loves to sing. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t sing a song that she made up."

Internet users enjoyed the little girl's response. A user commented, "I would never do that... But I remember that I could." Another commented in agreement, "That sassy head bob and 'yeah!' is everything." A third wrote, "She's adorable."


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