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This pup has earned the title of 'favorite cat-dog' for an adorable and hilarious reason

Having raised her as its own, the cat is proudly showing off her companion who has bagged the title of a 'cat-dog.'

This pup has earned the title of 'favorite cat-dog' for an adorable and hilarious reason
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @thegoldenbreakfastclub

Cats and dogs are often enemies when it comes to pets and pampering. It is often hard for the canines and felines to be together and share the love their owner has to give. However, @thegoldenbreakfastclub shared a video with a contrasting opinion. Not only were the cat and dog gelling and comfortable with each other, but the video also claimed that the dog was raised by the cat and was a “cat-dog.” With the hilarious and impressive factors though, it was quite evident that the claim was not wrong. Right from playing to mannerisms, the canine seems to be thrilled by the cat’s lifestyle and adopting the same.

Image Source: Instagram| @thegoldenbreakfastclub
Image Source: Instagram | @thegoldenbreakfastclub

The caption read, “When you let your cat raise your puppy.” The text overlay of the video read, “Signs your dog was raised by a cat,” while the pet duo engaged in friendly banter on screen. The first factor pointed out in the video was, “She has to climb the highest part of the couch to get comfy.” The dog, contrary to sleeping in a corner or on the floor or mat, went up to the top of the couch and made way for herself to get all cozy before parking herself. The next factor read, “She uses her paws a lot while playing.” Everyone is aware that cats defend and express themselves with their paws. However, here along with the cat, the dog is also seen using his paws as he plays with the feline.

Image Source: Instagram| @thegoldenbreakfastclub
Image Source: Instagram | @thegoldenbreakfastclub

It was an ideal cat-dog blend as the video mentions. The third point was one that is very common among cats but not dogs. “The windowsill is her favorite spot,” the text overlay read. Any dog owner would know that the only places dogs adore are the door and the coziest corners. However, if your dog is exploring and enjoying the windowsill space, they have likely been raised by a cat! The next pointer read, “She likes cat toys more than dog toys.” The dog is seen ditching the stuffed toys, cardboard and everything else dogs usually go crazy over.

Image Source: Instagram| @thegoldenbreakfastclub
Image Source: Instagram | @thegoldenbreakfastclub

Instead, the furry paw pal indulges in a peculiar cat toy and is seen playing with just that in several frames of the video. Next up, the sign was, “She’s always finding her way to be on the dining room chair under the table.” As cats are known to be distinguished pets who would love nothing but poise and dining beside their owners like respected creatures, the canine was replicating the behavior and skills. In the video, she is seen trying to fit her furry body under the table occupying 2 to 3 chairs as the cat proudly sits on the adjacent chair and looks on.

Image Source: Instagram| @thegoldenbreakfastclub
Image Source: Instagram | @thegoldenbreakfastclub

“Maple: Our favorite cat-dog,” the text overlay read. The cat surely did a great job raising Maple to be just like a fellow feline while embracing her original canine aura. Commenters were in awe but not surprised at the cat-dog title given to Maple due to the pets’ inseparable bond. @gashusegang13 said, “She grew up with a cat.” @cudhvbeenheather said, “Maple is everyone's favorite cat-dog.” @aalesundgirl said, “On the dining chairs, absolutely great!”

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