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Adorable little girl takes her role as a big sister very seriously and it's the sweetest thing

The little one runs in front of her siblings with her arms outstretched in a protective stance as the vehicle approaches.

Adorable little girl takes her role as a big sister very seriously and it's the sweetest thing
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @Yoda4ever

Elder siblings are always protective of their younger ones. They would always be there for you, be it when you are bullied or are being scolded by your parents. In a heartwarming video shared on Twitter, an elder sibling can be seen protecting her younger siblings near a site that appears to be under construction. Noticing a vehicle approaching her and her siblings, the little girl runs to stand in front of the other two children with her arms outstretched in a protective stance. The girl can also be heard yelling out—presumably asking the driver of the vehicle to stop—and moves her siblings to safety when the vehicle comes to a halt.

Twitter | @Yoda4ever
Twitter | @Yoda4ever

The video was shared by @Yoda4ever and is captioned, "Little girl takes her big sister job seriously." The clip has been viewed over 384k times and internet users can't stop appreciating her for her efforts. Twitter user @Vonniekhk wrote, "That’s amazing! She looks to be only 4 or 5 years old." Another Twitter user, @Leah5868, said: "This is a qualified sister, she takes care of her brother very seriously." @linda1_lin commented, "Wow, such a young girl knows how to be safe and protect her siblings. The driver is also a good person!!" 

However, some were concerned about why these children were left alone. A user wrote, "And the parents?! What if dude didn't stop or if she didn't react on time?" Another said, "Unfortunately the parents don't take their job seriously." Another user wrote, "Why were they out there in the first place?"


In another video of a pair of loving siblings, a little girl can be seen standing in front of a puddle not wanting to ruin her shoes by walking through it. Even though her mother assures her that it is only a little water, the girl is in tears and raises her arms to be carried across. Her elder brother comes and carries her in his arms through the puddle. 

The heartwarming clip inspired many on the internet to share their own stories of having an elder brother. A user wrote, "I have an older brother. And it really can be nice. Despite the fact that really do annoy each other, a lot, we also know we'll have each other's backs when we need it." Another added, "That's so adorable. My little sister was born when I was 14. I'm in my 40s and she's almost 30 now, but you never stop being a big brother no matter how old you get." A third chimed in, "Yeah. Bros are the absolute best. I'm lucky to have an older and a younger. Wouldn't change it for anything."

Meanwhile, some also shared the not-so-adorable versions of the brother-sister bond. One wrote, "My older brother would push me in that puddle and then a wrestling match would start." Another added, "My sister would have pushed me over and laughed. I'm thinking a brother would have been better." 


The video went viral on TikTok, where the children's mother also posted other videos capturing the beautiful relationship between the two. In one of the videos, the boy can be seen helping the sister with a puzzle. The text in the video reads, "The way he talks to his little sister."

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