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Adorable dog sets an example of kindness by helping a blind dog walk down the stairs

The video showcases a touching interaction between two dogs, a brown boxer named Dexter and a blind mixed-breed dog named Ginger.

Adorable dog sets an example of kindness by helping a blind dog walk down the stairs
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @dexging

We have observed humanity within individuals, witnessing a generous outpouring of encouragement aimed at inspiring kindness and helpfulness. Yet, this capacity for selflessness and understanding extends beyond the realm of humans alone. A prolonged competition has persisted between humans and animals, centered around the question of who excels in the realm of comprehension. @Boxer_doglovers shared a pleasing clip of two dogs that will melt your heart. The video was originally shared on TikTok but has become a favorite all over social media.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: TikTok | @dexging

The clip consisted of a jolly brown boxer, Dexter assisting a blonde mixed-breed dog, Ginger who was blind. Both the paw pals were coming downstairs and the boxer ensured that the mixed breed was towards the corner on the inside while he was on the outside. He carefully walked downstairs at Ginger's pace ensuring the blonde beauty was comfortable. The video showed Ginger carefully feeling and sniffing each step before coming down while the other furry guy took advantage of his huge size and protected the other. He tried to surround her, giving them enough space to come down but also ensuring there was no room to trip. 

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: TikTok | @dexging

It was almost as if the boxer was guiding the small one just like parents or siblings would. It's safe to say that the duo share a unique bond. The video received over 3 million views on Twitter and it was all virtual cuddles and kisses for the two. Sure enough, animals are more thoughtful and kind compared to human beings. The ‘dogs are loyal’ doesn’t just spring out of the blue. It is supported by the evidence of many dog owners.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: TikTok | @dexging

Though animals can’t speak, they say much more than we humans can. Dexter showed his concern and love for Ginger with just his actions. The video has gone viral on several platforms and comments are flooding the post. @AlexisStevens02 commented. “Dogs are the beauty of life. No human will ever compare.” @IBCanon wrote, “No way. No words at all. That dog is way better than me as a human.” Another user, @Come_Oon_Man wrote, “This is the most humblest thing I’ve seen in a while.” Many even commented about Boxer breeds and how caring and wonderful they are as companions. @FriseSally said, “Boxers are best for caring.” @TZuercher said, “We need more human beings to be this thoughtful.”






Animals are those precious creations that touch the heart. Through such a simple action, Dexter left us a loaded message on kindness. He simply considered it his duty to protect Ginger and be there around him. He understood the value of “little things” in a jiffy. Moreover, he understood that Ginger needed help. Makes us wonder how often we ignore others when they are in need even after having full knowledge. We as humans are given a far greater mental complex to understand the needs of others and connect with them emotionally. Yet, we fail to do the basic things like Dexter did. Let’s learn from Dexter and look at opportunities to help and care for as our duty! 



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