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Adorable dog finds the perfect way to refuse when human tries to make him leave grandma's house

When it came time to leave grandma's house, Chewie the dog put all four paws down and reminded his human who his favorite family member is.

Adorable dog finds the perfect way to refuse when human tries to make him leave grandma's house
Cover Image Source: Reddit|u/Chewiethenewfie

Pets share one of the purest and closest bonds with their “hoomans.” Like kids, even pets have their favorite family members and cling to them possessively. In a similar stance, u/Chewiethenewfie shared a video of her pet dog Chewie and one can clearly tell who the fluffy boy’s favorite is. The video was taken at the pet parent’s grandma’s place and it was time for them to leave with the dog. However, the dog had the most adorable alternate plans. The woman was just trying to get started on her day and got Chewie to the doorstep so they could leave. Chewie, on the other hand, had zero interest in leaving. The dog sat flat on his stomach and made the cutest sad face. 

Image Source: Reddit|u/Chewiethenewfie
Image Source: Reddit|u/Chewiethenewfie

“Come on, Chewie, we have to get our day started,” the woman said, already out of the house, waiting for her boy to join her. The grandma was seated in her chair by the door behind Chewie and couldn’t help but smile at the cutest creature’s tantrums. Chewie had no intent to move and adamantly stayed on the floor, blocking the door space and refusing to leave. “We have to go back home. You can’t stay at grandma’s,” the woman persisted. Chewie was least bothered and stayed on the floor, almost like he had settled there for good. Amidst grandma’s wholesome laughter and the woman’s constant persistence, Chewie had already chosen a path and would not budge.

Image Source: Reddit|u/Chewiethenewfie
Image Source: Reddit|u/Chewiethenewfie

People’s hearts melted after watching Chewie’s little shenanigans, as several commented on his adorability and couldn’t help but chuckle at his sweet tantrum. u/normasueandbettytoo wrote, “Classic big dog move. Lay down and then dare you to try to move them.”


“you can’t but I can”😂

♬ original sound - Chewy


u/hyouko shared, “My medium (50lb) dog also does this when he doesn’t want to leave, with the bonus that he rolls over on his belly to make getting any sort of a handhold awkward.” u/vapeeducator added, “‘Make me move!’” u/PotatoAvenger chimed in, “I like that he’s perfectly positioned all of his body weight to the ground so that he cannot be moved.”

Image Source: Reddit|u/JewelBeauty1
Image Source: Reddit|u/JewelBeauty1
Image Source: Reddit|u/HappytoHelpAK420
Image Source: Reddit|u/HappytoHelpAK420

Our furry paw pals have their way of getting what they want and adding a dose of humor to the same. In a similar instance, another pet pal, Lucy, is hands-on with her “little sisters,” who were born to her parent some time ago. A dad (@uhohtwins) shared a video of the dog looking after his newborn twins. “In case you haven’t met her yet, this is Lucy. She’s the big sister to twins Lennon and Lily,” the text overlay read.

In the video, Lucy is seen helping get the twins ready, right from handing over their onesies to comforting them. The dad mentioned that the dog had been a part of their family as their daughter for seven years. “If we did anything without her, we never did it. So when the girls arrived, we made sure she was involved in every possible way.” Lucy knew where and when to get everything. “She’s been a guardian angel to our girls like she’s been to us. That’s a torch I don’t mind passing on,” the dad wrote.

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