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Adorable boy can't stop crying when he finds out he's finally cancer-free

Nine-year-old Steven Cotter Jr. lived a life of hospital visits and pills. Now, he's finally cancer-free and can't stop celebrating.

Adorable boy can't stop crying when he finds out he's finally cancer-free
Image Source: Facebook

Steven Cotter Jr., a nine-year-old boy from Oklahoma, was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only six years old. Ever since then, he has been in and out of the hospital in order to receive his chemotherapy treatment. After three long years of fighting the disease, the young boy has finally beaten cancer, Fox News reports. His mother, Ashley Cotter, posted a video to social media platform Facebook of little Steven completing his final chemo treatment - and he simply cannot hold back his tears. The moment is heartwarming.


Steven was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in August 2016. Hospital visits, dozens of pills, and all the ills that come with such a crippling disease were a regular part of his daily routine. Thankfully, his arduous battle is finally over. Ashley, a mother of two, posted on Facebook, "You have never seen pure happiness till you’ve seen a nine-year-old little boy cry the happiest tears ever to be cancer-free and take his last chemo treatment! My baby took his last chemo crying with a smile on his face! God blessed my family! Both my sons have a story to tell! Listen and you all will hear of them going further than the stars!!! This is one of the [proudest] moments I’ve ever lived!" Of course, Steven put on a brave face throughout the entire fight. Now, he's got really big plans for the future.


His mom told Fox News about all of her son's ambitious plans. She revealed, "He always says he’s gonna work on being an NBA basketball player. He’s very passionate about basketball. Through his treatment, that was one thing he never let cancer make him quit. He played through it all!" Steven has definitely been quite the soldier throughout the whole ordeal. His story has now inspired thousands of individuals across the internet. The video has since been shared hundreds of times by numerous news channels and has received even more reactions and comments. His mom shared in a separate post, "Guys, my baby is going absolutely viral for kicking cancer's butt! I have news journalists contacting me from [all over the country]!" Little Steven's determination, perseverance, and will to fight are truly, truly inspiring!


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