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Adorable 2-year-old toddler joins big sister as cheerleader at football game and nails the routine

Little Liam was clearly inspired by his three older sisters who all dance and cheer.

Adorable 2-year-old toddler joins big sister as cheerleader at football game and nails the routine
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @therodsquadmama

A toddler not only grabbed the crowd's attention but won many hearts on the internet after joining a local middle school cheerleading team as they cheered on their team during a football game. People couldn't get enough of the tiny cheerleader who even had the appropriate gear for the cheering routine! Two-year-old Liam had the pompoms, the moves and most importantly, the attitude! The TikTok video of the cutie was posted by @Arodsquad and has over 10.4 million views and counting, with more than 2.5 million likes. The caption reads: When you’re 2 but have watched too many cheer practices in the living room.



What's most impressive, apart from the overall cuteness in the video, is that Liam nails every move in unison with the team. How did he know the routine? Apparently, he picked it up from his 12-year-old sister Amaya, who is on the team. She practices at home and Liam learned it all! All three of his older sisters dance and cheer, so it's unsurprising that Liam would follow suit. "Last year, he started stealing his sister's pom poms," Liam's mother, Michelle Rodriguez told TODAY. "We hid her expensive ones at home and I bought Liam a cheap pair. Then, my daughter's coach gave him an extra pair she had for the team."



When Amaya and her team cheered on the field at Kelly Lane Middle School, her little brother followed, jumping and waving his silver pom poms for the performance, which lasted 10 minutes. Many internet users raved about the little one's performance. One person said: And this is why we have to be intentionally positive around our children. They are watching. That is a beautiful bond between him and his big sister that will last a lifetime. A second shared: This is so cute !! His enthusiasm is awesome. Another person added: He might make a professional cheerleader for the NFL. Very cute good job little man.



Similarly, another toddler made the news after learning her gymnastic moves from her aunt without her aunt realizing it! One-year-old Maezlynn Worthy was playing in the yard with her aunt, Myla Campbell, when she decided to mimic her aunt. The 17-year-old high school cheerleader from Tennessee had been filming herself while practicing some cool flips. Her little niece tried the same and ended up doing a pretty impressive somersault. "I didn't know she could do that!" Myla told Good Morning America. "None of us did." The video was viewed by so many people, calling the baby incredibly adorable.

"I woke up and my social media was blowing up, it's really surreal," Myla said. She described her baby niece as someone who has "the brightest personality." Not only is she vibrant and cheerful and always laughing, but she is also extremely smart, Myla said.


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