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AC/DC's Brian Johnson funds innovative foster care campus where siblings can stick together

The rockstar and his wife, Brenda Johnson, donated a property worthy over $300k to the non-profit organization All-Star Children’s Foundation.

AC/DC's Brian Johnson funds innovative foster care campus where siblings can stick together

 Every child deserves a carefree and love-filled childhood surrounded by a nurturing family. A childhood where their problems are never bigger than a daunting class test or a teenage lovers' spat. However, on any given day, there are thousands of children in America who have been denied the right to such a childhood. Victims of abuse and neglect, they get lost in the foster care system, separated from their siblings and in some cases, at the mercy of cold-hearted foster parents. All Star Children's Foundation hopes to provide a safe space to such helpless children with a new innovative campus that aims to transform foster care.


Dedicated to redefining foster care through innovation and compassion, All Star Children's Foundation is on the verge of completing an ambitious project that's been in the works since 2017. Developed in collaboration with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, the "Campus of Hope & Healing," will be a safe place for children who've suffered abuse and neglect. The non-profit organization has received an overwhelming outpouring of support from a number of philanthropists over the past two years, including the frontman of legendary rock band AC/DC, Brian Johnson, and his wife Brenda.


Graci McGillicuddy, All Star’s co-founder and board chair, and her husband Dennis approached the Johnsons in 2017 with their dream of providing a nurturing environment for children who’ve suffered abuse and neglect. They described how, in addition to being a safe space for these children, the campus would also be a haven for healing with the latest trauma-focused therapies made available to residents. Moved by McGillicuddy's dream, the Johnson's vowed to help make the dream come true. Staying true to their promise, they recently donated a massive property to the organization, which according to Stephen Fancher, All Star’s chief development officer, sold for net proceeds of $335,000.


"Over the past two years, All Star has received a remarkable outpouring of support from Brenda and Brian Johnson, and other committed, caring people. Their extraordinary gifts have made a world of difference," Fancher said in a statement. Thanks to the support they've received from the Johnsons and several others, the campus located in Sarasota, Florida, is nearly complete. Spanning across 5 acres, the Campus of Caring includes a state-of-the-art center for trauma-focused clinical services, as well as, six foster family homes for the victims of child abuse and neglect.


These homes aim to provide a nurturing, family-style home environment and comprehensive, trauma-sensitive treatment to foster kids as old as 18. Siblings will be able to grow up together and the campus will also offer a range of innovative services to parents and caregivers. Speaking of the philanthropic couple behind this incredible project, Brenda Johnson said, "Dennis and Graci will make these children believe in angels—because that’s what they are."


Adding to his wife's words, Brian said, "They have brought a community together in a common cause to help children who have grown up in unpredictable households where violence and neglect may have occurred. There is no greater good than what they have achieved in building the All-Star Children’s Foundation campus, and Brenda and I are honored to be a part of it." Graci McGillicuddy thanked the Johnsons for their contribution, saying, "We are so grateful to Brenda and Brian. We’re preparing to open our campus to children very soon. Raising funds is so important in this crucial time—and they’ve taken us leagues closer to making this dream a reality."


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